Four Fables

Chapter 11: The Anima Revolution


Timespan: 3rd Work 23:1208 to 2nd Rest 15:1208

The medusa told the party of how her family has been suffering as of late. A lamia and her henchmen from the desert of the south (Bakka) had moved in to the Medusa’s hunting grounds. The Medusa agreed to leave the party alone and leave their supply line alone if they were to get rid of the lamia. The party agreed and, in order, to make sure they upheld their bargain, they were injected with a strange poison from the silver snakes that she had. They were told they only had a few hours before the poison would kill them and they would get the antidote upon completing their task.

The party trudged through the mountains and came upon a deserted, ancient dwarven city that was occupied by the lamia. They entered her building forcefully and fought her. Upon her death the medusa gave the party the antidote and even received magical help through the snake bites (everyone received a “tattoo of shared vengeance”). The medusa, however, did not help the party after that in anyway.

With the supply line cleared, the war could truly begin, especially with new allies joining their forces. Each of the characters became generals of the army and they led a five month campaign across all of Kinsmet, tactically taking over each state. In the process the people who were petrified in the mountains by the supply line were saved and cured by using the blood of the medusa they fought earlier (as she didn’t like the new troops in her hunting grounds).

The war was tough on many of them. Delad, who found that the poison that they suffered while in the mountains had made his scar on his back bigger than before, had made him more quiet up until the war started. What was truly disturbing was the fact that after the first week of the war, Delad went MIA during one of the battles in the State of Dordare. His body has never shown up and he is still considered missing 5 months later.

The control of all of Kinsmet has been going well and now leads the group to their final battle in the state of Rydelle.



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