Four Fables

Chapter 29: The Dinner Party

11-28-11 session

Timespan: 3rd Rise 20:1209 to 3rd Rise 21:1209

After meeting with the Oracle, the group splits up once again. Shintaro needed to commune with the primal spirits of Resen for their help. Those spirits agree to help him for the fact that he is now one with the ancient king Quang Ziu. He sacrifices his knowledge of rituals in order to be able to summon the primal spirits to his aid. The specific primal spirits were trusted “soldiers” of Princess Wei, Quang Ziu’s daughter from long ago.

The rest of the group is able to attain (through the bumbling idiots at the local militia’s prison) the prisoner and ex-lover of the Queen of Corsairs, Farnqua. He agrees to Delad’s proposition of leading them to the Queen of Corsair’s base in exchange for freedom.

The whole group eventually meets at the Richter Estate. They enter the gates and travel up to Keegan’s castle. They are greeted by Lem, a quiet and easily scared servant of Keegan’s. After traversing the maze-like castle, they stumble onto Keegan who has been preparing their meal (his staff is away). They are greeted in the banquet hall by Thorin’s long lost mother, Yuma Lotus and her 2nd husband, Teman Loot’sko. They have been living with Keegan since Teman was under Keegan’s rule in the Lykovian army. Jayden is hesitant to meet her for fear she might recognize him but that doesn’t matter for the fact that she is blind herself from a fever a few years ago, Teman claims.

After a good dinner Thorin and Yuma take to the balcony outside to discuss his adventures thus far. He is happy to see her but knows he must break the news of the fact that her husband’s killer is now friends with her son. She seems bitter about this and distant and before more is said, they are interrupted by Teman who takes her to bed.

Keegan offers the group the 6 sisters, the greatest masseuses in all the land. They visit his hot spring outside for a warm bath and massage. But in the midst of their “pleasant” massage, Delad and Jayden (who are not getting the massage) notice these sisters are in actuality hags who are slowly killing the party. Battle erupts and the group is victorious. Shintaro finds a fire elemental who has been trapped in the springs and lets it go free back to the Feywild. The “sisters” almost killed Farnqua as well but he was saved in time. The group finds notes to their “master” that it is important for them to kill the heroes that night but no name is given.



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