Four Fables

Chapter 4: Six Degrees of Separation

First 4th edition session

(This side story took place in another time and place from our story but is relative to the main plot, the players didn’t know when it happened until the end of the session)

Timespan: 1st Collect 3:1174

Thorin Lotus I, Jayden, and Yuma Lotus have been an adventuring group for quite a few years now. Usually they were hired by towns and Thorin’s church of Pelor for help. They were recently hired by Councilman Horatio Pashin to investigate a lair in the Yalin mountains. His city, Pashin, wants to use it for part of their mining. He wishes to go with them to make sure the group does not take anything that might be of dwarven treasure. He hires Dyluck (who is taking care of a small elven baby in his backpack) as well since it was his advice that showed him of these mithral enriched caverns. The group is hired to clear out the caverns so the dwarves can inhabit them again since it was originally theirs many years ago. Horatio has promised 500 GP to each person for their involvement.

While exploring the caverns they come across a band of kobolds led by a wyrmling white dragon who has taken hold of part of the caverns. After a few battles, Yuma feels pains in her stomach. They had been getting worst with each passing day. She’s for sure now, she’s pregnant with Thorin’s child but she fears to tell him while in the midst of the current expedition.

Upon defeating the last of the kobolds and the dragon the group notices another iron-bound door leading further into the mountains. As they regroup and decide which room to investigate further, they notice Dyluck is missing. The earth begins to shake violently as they had noticed slightly earlier in the midst of battle.

They all go inside what appears to be a temple and see Dyluck putting his baby on top of a table. He begins chanting from a book the group has never seen before. Within moments, statues on either side of Dyluck light up with a red glow and transfer their light onto the baby. Thorin, realizing the evil intent of Dyluck, raises his flail and begins to charge at Dyluck. But before he reaches him, the rocks above collapse onto Yuma and Horatio’s legs. Thorin hesitates and then feels a stab in the back…from Jayden.

The half-elf pulls the poison tipped dagger out of Thorin and laughs. “I’ve waited years to do that!” He then looks at Dyluck and asks, “Is the enchantment done, master?” Dyluck says, “Yes, the elven boy has been marked by the gods. When Delad is old enough, the mark will grow in power and we will be able to usher in my Great Theory!”

Thorin hits the floor, paralyzed, while Yuma and Horatio can only look in horror. Dyluck takes the baby, now with a dark red circle emblazoned on his back, and proceeds towards the door with Jayden. Dyluck says to Jayden, “I knew your few years with this group would be beneficial to my plan, it worked perfectly. Let us leave before the ancient temple of Sehanine collapses. We will take Delad to the monastery where we will disguise ourselves as his parents and leave him in the monk’s care. Come Jayden!” The ground shakes even more and the two betrayers walk towards the door. As Jayden passes Thorin he smirks and kicks him saying, “Goodbye old friend, I’m sorry your death is not as honorable as you would have liked it.” He laughs as he walks away, “at least you will be buried here with your wife.” Dyluck yells at Jayden, “Hurry, boy!” Jayden looks up and snarls, “Yes…Master Stondylus.”

More rocks begin to fall as they leave, but Yuma and Horatio are able to push the rocks off of themselves. Horatio leaps up and begins to pursue the mages, “I’ll get them, you get Thorin out of here! We don’t have much time ’til the whole place caves in!”

Yuma rushes to Thorin’s side. He coughs up some blood and, even with all the effort Yuma tries to make, she finds that the poison is running it’s course inside him and he’ll be dead within minutes. After some sobbing, Thorin raises his head to Yuma’s cheek and says, “It’s ok, you go on, save yourself.” She grabs his hand, realizing this is their last conversation, “You know…I’m pregnant.” He looks surprised, “Really? That is so amazing.” he coughs out. She continues, “I know it’s a boy.” He replies, “How do you know?” She smiles with a tear in her eye, “Women just know these things, trust me.” He asks as rubble continues to fall down around them, “What’s his name going to be?” “Well, I thought we could name it after my father.” He retorts, “Cecil?! No way!” She smiles confidently, “I love you, Thorin…Thorin, we’ll call him Thorin.” She continues to cry as he gives her one last kiss and mutters, “Sure…Yuma, I love you t-“ and his last breath is given. She cries until finally Horatio comes back in and pulls her out against her will. They escape just as the cavern caves in on itself. Horatio says, “They got away…” he looks at the woman and says sadly, “I’m sorry about your loss, Thorin was a good man.” Yuma wipes her tears and says confidently, “Yes he was,” she then puts her hands on her stomach and continues, “HE will be a good man.”

Horatio goes back to his home to tell of the bad news of the mines. Yuma tries to search for Jayden and Stondylus but does not find them. She gives birth to Thorin and raises him for a year until she leaves him for some mysterious reason on the steps of their church, The Sundial, on The Island of Resen. She is never seen again.

Thus is the story of Stondylus, Delad, Jayden and Thorin Lotus II 34 years ago…


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