Four Fables

Chapter 8: New Bodyguards

2-22-10 session

Timespan: 1st Work 27:1208 to 2nd Work 21:1208

Balasar and Jayden were in quite the pickle: Their friend that they thought they could trust just attempted to kill the emperor of a nation. They did notice a couple things though: the name Braivemor Anima was mentioned by Leo who is a political leader of Kinsmet. They recognized a warforged was with Leo, which are a rare sight to see on the west side of the continent. But one was seen a few weeks ago, asking about a man named Leonus Anima. No one had ever heard the name, but someone told him to try the city of Lystra. Leo was also wearing a strange set of magical goggles on his head as they noticed him fleeing the scene. Balasar and Jayden left the scene as quickly as possible so they could inform the rest of their group.

During that time, Master Ryosuke came out of his coma and was able to talk to his student. He was glad to see at least one of his students survived. He wanted to see how Delad was doing, hence why he sent those psionically-linked messages to him. Ryosuke discovered that the prophecy translation he had was wrong. It wasn’t, “The one with the mark will show the way to the gods,” but it was actually “The one with the mark will show the way for the gods.” (hence the dream with the numbers 2 and 4 in it).

Master Ryosuke said, “This means that we won’t be able to contact the gods but they will affect us on the Material Planes.” When Thorin mentions that Stondylus’ “Great Theory” seems to be coming true, Ryosuke recognizes the name as being a great theorist of Erryes who has published numerous books, including his theory of Entropy.

Master Ryosoke then asks Delad if he remembers when he was last infected with a disease. Delad recollects his time back in the first few chapters where the Burning Plague almost claimed his life. He remembers that Master Ryosuke had contacted him and told him of what Stondylus had been doing lately in that area and that he should stop him in case he does something horrible again. During that time, it turns out that Delad’s mark on his back had gotten larger. When he left the monastery a couple years ago it was the size of a thimble but once he was infected, it grew to the size of a fist. Ryosuke says that if he were to get sick again it will grow even larger. Delad didn’t think this was such a problem until Ryosuke explained that his mark is like a gateway for the gods. This “gateway” (wherever it might be) opens depending on how large Delad’s mark gets. If it’s big enough, a god can come through the gate into the Material Plane and start changing the world to their liking. “Once a god gets through, it will stay for as long as it wants and the only way to get rid of the god is by getting the god to go back into the same gate,” Master Ryosuke further explains.

Delad doesn’t see the harm in bringing in gods into the Material Plane because maybe they could help the world out but Ryosuke smacks him over the head and explains, “That’s heresy because there was a reason why the gods left us originally so we must respect their actions to do so and not change that fact.”

The group then explains their run in with someone who might be a god, Sehanine. Rothia was affected by her and changed him into a dragon upon his request. Master Ryosuke thinks that Delad and his group have a job to do: they must figure out where this gate is and (maybe, if they decide this) close it for good. Delad then ponders if this would be a sufficient action. “Maybe if we let the gods come through, they’ll be able to walk with us again in perfect harmony.”

After their conversation with Master Ryosuke, the group reunites with Balasar and Jayden and they explain that they saw Leo attempting to kill Emperor Rallis. He ran away out of town with a warforged while being pursued by the emperor’s bodyguards. They make plans to leave town immediately but find that the temple of Pelor that they are in has been occupied by the wounded emperor and his bodyguards.

They decide to try to leave casually and it seems it works as Thorin and Delad exit the main door that’s being guarded by the emperor’s bodyguards but as soon as Delad and Balasar step out the door, they are stopped by Ophel, captain of Emperor Rallis’ guards. He realizes that Jayden and Balasar were there at the parade and followed Leo as he made his escape. Upon further questions that left the two with their mouths hanging open, Delad attempts to argue the authority the bodyguards have here in Geshur and as it gets worse, Emperor Rallis comes from his room, still wounded, but recovering. He calms Ophel down and explains to the party that he wishes to hear what they know about Leo, giving them free reign to leave if they wish to. The nurses and priest doctors are quite amazed to see that his wound has healed so well (after being infected with the very deadly “Dragonbile” poison from Leo’s axe) as the group later finds out that Emperor Rallis’ personal doctor came with him on this trip (Kinsmet is known for it’s wide variety of herbs/healing methods, etc., and their life expectancy is higher than any other country).

The group tells all they know of Leo and find out from the emperor that he is Leonus Anima, sole heir to the throne of Rydelle. They are also told that his father, Braivemor Anima, was murdered by one of his own warforged creations (as Braivemor is the creator of these constructs) with the investigation still being looked into.

The emperor doesn’t know why Leonus would try and kill him, he figures that Leonus thinks the emperor killed Braivemore Anima.

The group tells Rallis they are very surprised by his actions and wish to talk to him first before the emperor arrests him for his attempted murder. Emperor Rallis agrees.

During their discussion, the emperor remembers hearing of the party’s exploits in Cush and he asks Thorin if he is related to Thorin Lotus I. Upon hearing that he is the son of Thorin, the emperor is surprised and is happy to tell them that he knew his father. Thorin’s father was a paladin soldier for Rallis’ army back in 1170. He was one of the only friends the emperor had that was lower than noble status. When the emperor hears that his father is dead, he is sorry to hear that and commends his actions.

After talking to the group about their past exploits and about Stondylus, he offers the party a job. After the incident with Leonus, his bodyguards have gone down in numbers and he is in need of more as they make their way home in two days. The party agrees and they are treated well in the noble house that the emperor is staying in for the next two days.

During that time Jayden accompanies the emperor to political business with Lord Abaddon and King Eglon III. Emperor Rallis offers a peace treaty with the new nation of Midia-Urartu and they humbly accept it. Delad spends his day and a half with Master Ryosuke working on a new meditation technique that will eventually allow him to communicate with others telepathically.

After the two days, the group boards “His Majesty’s Thwin-wep,” the emperor’s personal ship. 20 days go by as they sail around the Great Sea towards the country of Kinsmet, meeting in Shimron. During that time Thorin gets to know the kind-hearted Emperor Rallis a bit more, telling him of his father’s adventures and how eventually he left the Rydelle army to go to Rullmenn (now Remains of Rullmenn) for some reason. And at that time, he had not met Thorin’s mother, Yuma Lotus.

Before they arrived in Shimron, the group is attacked in the middle of the night by a clan of Sahuagin who somehow break the bottom of the boat. It begins to sink and the party vanquishes the sea monsters and one is able to run away. Emperor Rallis is fine along with Ophel and his twin brother, Mearah, another guard.

The group, now finding themselves in the middle of the Great Sea, to the north of the Yalin Mountains, they see a small island in the distance to the north.


Way to question your master, Delad! :)

Chapter 8: New Bodyguards

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