Four Fables

Chapter 9: The Island of Rhodantus


Timespan: 2nd Work 21:1208 to 3rd Work 13:1208

After the ship sank and the party rescued Emperor Rallis’ personal chest, the party swam to the shores of the new island. They figured out that it was the small, shifter-populated Island of Rhodantus.

They explored the jungle and found a speaking tiger, by the name of Kaori Shintaro. He was able to help the group find the port of Mirovan to get the emperor and his men back to Kinsmet. They also learned that their new “friend” was a shifter druid who seemed to have two personalities depending on when he was in his tiger form or his humanoid form. One great aspect of the tiger form was that he is one of only a few dozen people in the world that can speak Supernal, the language of the gods.

With this said talent, the emperor was able to strike a deal with Shintaro and asked him to translate an artifact from his personal chest. This orb is an artifact from the time of the Tabula Rasa. Other than many numbers written on it, the only real phrase worth translating was, “Sehanine has power over all the portals on Erryes.”

Shintaro tells the group that he is a bit of an outcast from his tribe of shifters on the island. The island itself is quite old in history (refer to The Kingdom of Lau Jahnan).

After revealing the fact that the Emperor also speaks supernal (he learned from Master Janum he said), he convinces Shintaro to join him in his council in order to translate more artifacts that he has found from the times of the Tabula Rasa. Shintaro agrees (his payment was to be made on a later date he asked) and ventures with the group to the main land via ship from the port of Mirovan.

The group reaches Shimron and the emperor and his men join with other soldiers of his. After rewarding the party, he tells them he will give them an emperor impostor who they will “protect” as there has been talk of revolution in his country and many people don’t like him. He takes one road leading southeast while the party goes southwest through the mountains of Corgin’s Bane. They are told to meet with his council in Brielle in a few days.

They travel through the mountains and come across a violent storm in the night. While traveling, the impostor king is killed by a dark-clad knight who summons a few human mages and some orcs to help fight the group. Mearah and Ophel, who were with the group, try to rescue the impostor king but cannot. The party fights the mysterious outlaw assassin and in the midst of battle, the dark knight’s helmet falls off and when Delad attacks him to knock him out, he sees through the flash of the lightning storm that the knight is actually their old friend, Leo.

The shadar-kai tell the group to kill him but they refuse. Then the shadar-kai attempt to kill the group but are subdued by the party. Leonus gets up after being healed by his orc and human friends and begins to explain his situation: His father, Braivemor Anima, was killed by the Emperor and the emperor has named himself emperor over all of Kinsmet when no other country asked him to. He says that some kind of demon is possessing him to hinder his judgment (as he was a kind ruler before) and with the help of his father’s goggles that let him see when one is possessed, he found that the emperor was possessed and attempted to kill him in Geshur after finding out the horrible news of his father’s murder.



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