Four Fables

Episode 103

The Redbrands

-A Nothic

Razzle Frazz welcomes the children once again to his home where he continues his story:

Arriving in Phandalin, the adventurers are able to get their rewards (though some dishonesty came up when it came to rewards with certain party members).

Lucien disguises himself to look like an old man when entering the town and explains to his group that he seeks revenge for some “people” within this town. They agree to help him.

After settling at the inn, they meet a bard by the name of Graybesh. He decides to join the adventurers in hopes of creating great tales of their journeys. They agree.

A bar fight develops and Keth kills a thug. Calming the The Redbrand ruffians down, the party and thugs part ways though some claims of revenge were made by the rogues.

Keth takes a nap afterward and meets Pip who befriends him at the inn.

The rest of the group meets with Halia Thornton at the Miner’s Exchange to get more information on Glasstaff (the person Lucien is after) and the Redbrands. Halia agrees to help them but lets out Lucien’s little secret of how he used to be apart of the Redbrand group. She agrees to pay the group if they kill Glasstaff.

Syldar begins to look for his old friend, Iarno Albrek within the town and comes up empty.

The next day the adventurers travel to Edermath Orchard, hearing that a retired adventurer lives there. They find Daran Edermath dead in his own home. The group investigates and finds that the Redbrands killed him, they find evidence that the Redbrands are up to something bad and that Daran has heard stories northeast of Phandalin about the Old Owl Well, a long forgotten watchtower from the The Kingdom of Lau Jahnan, an ancient civilization. People have been being chased out of the well by undead for some reason.

After getting offers from both Syldar and Halia to take out the Redbrands (as Syldar has found that Iarno was last seen near their hideout, the Tresendar Manor), the adventurers decide to head to the tavern “The Sleeping Giant” where the Redbrands frequent.

A fight happens with Graybesh falling before their blade. Lucien, almost dead himself, drops his guise and begs for mercy. They tie him up and knock him out. Upon further inspection the thug recognizes Graybesh saying he will fetch a pretty penny since Content Not Found: davysh wants him alive. He binds the dragonborn’s wounds and Ramas comes bursting through the window with his crossbow trained on the thug. The thug threatens that he will take Gray’s life if he doesn’t drop the crossbow. A standoff happens with Ramas gripping his necklace…the pirate smiles and takes the shot, shooting the thug between the eyes.

The heroes take a breather and are able to get information out of the thug. He tells that The Black Spider has sent a few bugbears to help protect Glasstaff’s establishment. They knock him out so that he can run away later as promised.

The group gathers together and Keth leads them to the secret entrance of their hideout (thanks to Pip and his friend Carp). They come across a strange creature, a nothic, who perceives their darkest secrets, revealing the person Ramas fears the most: Content Not Found: captain-blackmann. They are able to dispatch the monster but almost cause the three bugbears that Keth stumbles upon to come and attack them. Luckily, Lucien’s quick thinking causes him to disguise himself as Glasstaff telling the bugbears to go back into their room and continue picking on their goblin servant.

The party quietly looks into the next room to see a few thugs playing card games. They gather back in the cavernous room to regroup and decide their next plan of action.



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