Four Fables

Episode 104

Love is (Partially) Blind

-The spell, “Goodberry”

The group continued to explore the hideout. While discussing where to go next they are spied upon by some thugs. The thugs begin their attack on the adventurers. Along with the enemy is a drow in very little clothing with a bow who has been ordered to kill the intruders. Eventually Lucien recognizes it to be the love of his life that he thought was dead, Felicia. It takes some time (and an arrow in the eye from the drow’s bow that left a nasty scar on the half-elf) but eventually he is able to convince her that it truly is him and that he is alive from his near death experience a month ago.

The bugbears from the other room eventually join the fight and one thug escapes, only to return to help at the end of the fight. The enemy takes the dwarf down but a quick spell of “Goodberry” from Syldar saves him from death.

The group gathers after the fight and find that Felicia was beaten into submission after Lucien’s “death.” She became the guild’s prostitute, though her warrior instinct came back to her once seeing Lucien was alive. She gears up and joins the party as they continue looking throughout the rooms for Glasstaff.

After finding and destroying (back accident) the mage’s alchemy lab they find an empty bedroom that seems to have been left in a hurry recently. A letter from The Black Spider is left warning Iarno Albrek that some pesky adventurers are trying to help Gundren and that he should kill them. The party thinks that Iarno and Glasstaff are working together for some reason.

They investigate the rest of the hideout finding secret doors, traps, and a crypt with some undead skeletons who are protecting the coffins. While next to a cistern, Valin notices a large, fat, old bearded human in the reflection of the water who seems to be trying to get his attention. When doing a double take the man vanishes into the water’s reflection out of existence. No one else noticed this.

The party, running on fumes, sleeps for the night in one of the rooms even though some thugs remain alive. The night is uneventful but when searching the last rooms they find that the remaining thugs escaped with their belongings and killed the 3 civilians they had captured in their slave pens.

Remorseful, the group immediately heads back into town trying to find out where the rest of them went, especially Glasstaff and Albrek to exact revenge.



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