Four Fables

Episode 106

The Shadows that Speak

-A follower of Tiamat

The other group (Ramas, Keth, Graybesh, and eventually Lucien who joins them not long after the zombie fight the other group was in) begins to explore the ruined village. Though Ramas goes missing and the party begins to search for him. After a few fights (and retreats) with zombies, twig blights, large spiders, and a very large and angry green dragon (with Keth almost dying from the poison breath of the dragon) they come across Reidoth in a small cottage. He is able to get them the information they need to get to Cragmaw Castle and tells them that their friends are at the southern exit of the town waiting for them. However, Ramas was last seen further west within the town. They thank the druid and try to get his help but he seems to be more interested in saving the Kartan Woods from zombies.

Once meeting the rest of the party in the south, they voted to go back into the ruins to find their pirate friend. They come across a farmhouse and meet a mysterious group that responds to the name The Shadows that Speak. Keth tries to sneak up on them but fails and causes a fight to erupt. A few of the cultists are killed and the leader, Favric, surrenders. He is quite calm even though more of his teammates are killed by Keth who is in a total frenzy. With the help of Graybesh casting a spell to make Flip appear and Lucien who (without his control again) uses his telepathy power to sound like Flip, they calm the half-orc down.

Favric explains that they are trying to befriend the green dragon who lives in the tower for their own group. He asks for help from the heroes and they contemplate it as they take a breather before leaving. One of Favric’s scouts comes back and reports that a man described like Ramas was last seen in the town square to the north. Favric offers to help the heroes in finding their friend as well as a reward if they are able to help him with the negotiations with the dragon (and make sure to help in a fight if it comes to that). They decide to get the whole party together to make another vote.



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