Four Fables

Episode 208

Things that go "gurgle" in the night


After an eventful day everyone is fast asleep in the theater. Until Standard Bearer is woken up to a strange noise near the fountain of the theater in the middle of the night. An innocent worker-hand is found dead near the fountain at the hands (er, fins) of a group of sahuagin. More of the Inheritors are up as the dozen or so evil sea monsters attack the group. After almost dying, Finethir is brought back to life by Valin where the mage heard an audible “Rise, my son,” in dwarven (even though he doesn’t speak it). Though confused, the heroes are still able to take down the hunting party (however, one gets away by diving into the fountain and escaping through a pulsing portal inside).

The group rests for the night and before investigating the mysterious magical entrance in their theater that next morning they are interrupted by Dewey Raines and his entourage at the front (and back) door. It seems they found the bodies within the theater somehow and are trying to interview Ashborne for information about who would attack them. Ashborne threatens them with the Sentinels and they leave the premises (of course, not without asking for a later interview with Finethir about his destroyed tower).

All of the Inheritors decide to investigate the portal and jump in the fountain. They discover that the portal ends up in a small lake surrounded by a thick forest in a temperate land. The lake is fed by a river that comes from the mouth of a large cave not far from the portal. After the heroes wait by the cave entrance for a couple of hours a hunting party of Sahaugin come out. Unable to communicate the fishmen attack the group. The monsers are wiped out by the party.



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