Four Fables

Episode 210

The Book and Quill


Back with Razzle Frazz: the children who listen to his stories introduce two brothers who have been coming for a while now but the old storyteller hadn’t noticed until now. Eric and Josh are quiet but eager to hear the continued story of “Razzle Frazz’s Last Will and Testament.”

The Inheritors continue into the dark caverns, fighting Sahuagin to the left and aquatic trolls on the right until they finally come across a large cavern with a portal from the Plane of Water gushing in gallons and gallons of water into the Underdark caverns. An altar across a chasm can be seen so some of the heroes try to magically fly over there but are ambushed by a merrow who seems to have been waiting for them (as survivors of the heroes’ encounters got word him that they were being invaded). A few heroes fall into the water and barely survive. The other heroes take down large cloakers hanging from the ceiling. Finethir gets to the other side but is knocked out in the fight from a dropped piercer. In the midst of battle Ashborne begins to hear his favorite play ever written (“The Dance of the Multitudinous Merry Makers” by Sir Reginald Merriweather Wilfred O’Doyle) read to him in his head. A being of some sort is calling out to him to come towards the altar. He climbs to the top of the other side of the chasm and finds a book and quill not far from the altar. It calls out to him with a familiar voice of a male drow. He takes it, disregarding the almost dead body of Finethir next to him. Once he comes back to his senses he heals the tiefling. The merrow flies to the fallen heroes and takes one last swipe at Ashborne but the quill he also took from the table springs to life. Tendrils sprout as it deflects the merrow’s spear attack. Finethir immolates the merrow where it stands with a wall of fire. The monsters are defeated and the rest of the party is able to get to the altar. Ashborne scrambles to put the quill and book in his bag with Finethir watching (who doesn’t say anything at first since the half-elf saved his life, maybe another time will present itself for him to talk to his half-elf friend).



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