Four Fables

Episode 211

You Got Lucky!

-A Young Remorhaz, a common Frost Giant pet

The Inheritors proceed to destroy the icon of Gruumsh on the altar to shutdown the portal from the plane of water gushing into the Underdark. Before doing so, the merrow, with it’s dying breath mentions how the man with the goatee and scar on his eye would know that their group would be here to thwart his plans on taking over this part of the Underdark. The group is bewildered and the merrow perishes. Confused, the group begins to go back to the portal to lead them home to their theater. Upon reaching the “surface” where the pool is, the “daylight” begins to change to a purple hue. Felicia recognizes this as the Indigo Forest and that the myconids looked a bit familiar: They were in the Underdark underneath the country of Cush where she was raised.

The group reaches the theater and plans to put a metal gate over the fountain, though most of the maintenance workers don’t agree due to the aesthetics of the theater being hindered. Ashborne escapes to his room, the pitfighters arrive for setup and take over most of the rooms of the inheritors. Cade receives an invitation from Sir Favric Benson to join King Celeborn’s private guard and that tryouts can happen any day of the week if he visits the castle in North Ward.

A knock comes at the door and emblazened on it is Ardhorn and Rhydian’s name. No one can open or enter the front door except those two, which they proceed into it. The front door becomes a portal to another plane: the Feywild. There they find themselves in a long hallway made of leaves and trees. A door stands at the end of the hallway with many chairs along the way, filled with various creatures waiting with a blue leaf in their hands. They approach the desk by the only door in the hallway and a small pixie sits there working at various leaves on her desk. Every once in a while a blue leaf burns up in someone’s hand and they proceed into the main door to see the Unicorn Queen. The pixie, Wendy, explains that the Unicorn will see them and hands them a blue leaf that displays a time for them to see their patron: 54 years! Rhydian says they don’t have time for that and asks for any kind of help. Wendy explains to 08520 and 19050 (their agent number according to how many followers there are of the Unicorn Queen) that Rhydian’s father before his passing was a follower of the Unicorn Queen in a sect of rangers based in Lykovia. He has been given these legacy powers passed from his dad. Now he is to help the Unicorn Queen by guiding Ardhorn in being a better warlock for her. Also, they must confront the King of Frostopolis and explain that the primal spirits there are slowly dying due to the arcane/technological advancements that choke the natural balance of Lykovia. They agree and Wendy teleports them home. They still have their blue leaves.

During this time, some of the other Inheritors travel to “You Got Lucky!” A magic item warehouse of sorts that has constant wizards and other adventurers looking through the vast amount of bins there for magic items. Through the chaos of a large and crowded shop, Vhalak is the only lucky one to get some magic armor; it seems like a dry day when it comes to valuable magic items within the warehouse.

That night, the Inheritors sleep in the old barn house in the backyard of the theater that once held the animals of the circus there many years ago. Finethir refuses to sleep there another night due to the bad dreams he has had in the barn. The group also suffers bad dreams (even Felicia falling asleep herself) and find themselves awake in the barn, yet the barn actually looks fully intact as opposed the dilapidation it was in when they fell asleep. A woman and her baby daughter awake the heroes and plead that they fend off horrible monsters that are about to attack her home. She says her husband and brother-in-law are away and she has no one to help except them. The heroes think they have somehow traveled many years in the past finding the origin story of the barn. The heroes agree and fend off hobgobins, gnolls, worgs, a Remorhaz and a horrible Frost Giant.



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