Four Fables

Episode 212

Slanted Sentinels

-A Mindflayer, an Underdark abberation

Rewarded with surviving the battle and being given jewels from the dream woman the group awakens in the present day of the dilapidated barn. Waking with severe headaches they are all almost attacked by small brains with feet and claws by their bedrolls. They scramble to their feet finding monsters and a mindflayer who seems to have put them in their dreaming trance. The mindflayer decides to take advantage of the hurt heroes and begins an assault on them. Rhydian’s brain is almost sucked out of his head but they kill the mindflayer and it’s minions before it’s too late. They are able to clean up the disgusting monster bodies afterward hopefully putting to rest the bad dreams that “haunted” this barn; they also find the gems the dream woman wanted them to have hidden in the barn where she had shown them where it was.

They take a moment to recollect their thoughts and bandage their wounds inside the theater. Workers are busy getting ready for tonight’s show. The traveling troupe led by Dammir at first is happy with how things are going, however that night their show has very low attendance. Dammir demands better attendance or they will leave early taking what they have made without paying the theater. Cade and Felicia do their best to calm down the troupe and guarantee the next night will be much better.

Standard and Ashborne go missing during the day and most of the group find out that the warforged was taken by a carriage (willingly) and Ashborne was asked to visit Razzle Frazz. Felicia, not happy about that, goes to find her son along with most of the Inheritors. They arrive at the storyteller’s home and wish to talk to the old man, however Hans denies them saying that he is with Master Ashborne now and was asked not to be disturbed. Felicia, now very agitated, tries to break into the master bedroom upstairs but it is blocked with a few spells. She then goes to the outside window of his room and tries to shoot an arrow through the window to get their attention. But Razzle Frazz’s alarm and security system go off: Flying swords, walking armored suits, and smothering rugs begin to attack the heroes. Eventually they are strong-armed by the system and Ardhorn doesn’t appreciate how he is being treated and continues his attack on constructs. Eventually Ashborne comes downstairs and Razzle Frazz casts Time Stop, goes outside in a flash, and throws a lightning bolt at Ardhorn for not obeying the Sentinels commands to submit. He is dropped unconscious and the heroes are arrested onsite (the halfling is stabilized in the process).

Hours beforehand, Vhalak goes to get more info. on why they were attacked by a Mindflayer. His info. broker, Peren, doesn’t know why either. Before getting more info. though, Peren and his cronies are arrested by the Sentinels but Vhalak gets out of there without being seen. He assumes the form of a sentinel and arrives at Razzle Frazz’s estate seeing the crowd gathering as parts of the Bard’s home is damaged. The inheritors are taken in to custody but not charged by the old man. Ashborne is told to go home and even though those who are arrested are tasked to be taken to the Sentinels’ headquarters to be processed, Vhalak is able to save them by posing as a Sentinel. He still takes him to the HQ so as not to draw attention and they are “processed.” Vhalak leaves but unfortunately, those who are arrested meet a horrible fate: Slanted Sentinels who don’t like them, take their aggression out on the heroes. Beating them up behind closed doors for no reason and some of their stuff is taken from them: Some gold, Cade’s magic armor, Felicia’s magic ring, and Ardhorn’s wand, which is broken in front of his eyes, claiming that his previous arrest is why this happened to him The heroes stumble home, very hurt, robbed and defeated.

Vhalak finds out what happened and goes back to the HQ to find their stuff and who beat them up. He does his best but is unable to do so though he does narrow the culprits down to: Ted, Brad, Lem, and Marcus (there were 3 of them). He asks one sentinel about finding the items and the sentinel says he’ll take care of it. Vhalak leaves and the party rests for the night.

The next day, while Vhalak is waking up with his morning coffee, he overhears the news from the Quotidian Minstrel over the Evocation visual apparatus (E.V.A. for short, the machine that lets them hear and see from the studio of the Quotidian Minstrel). He almost spills his drink when he hears that Thomas Daran (the same Sentinel that Vhalak posed as last night) was found mysteriously dead this morning in his home due to thieves leaving no evidence of their whereabouts…



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