Four Fables

Episode 213

What Could Go Wrong?

-One of the balcony hallways inside the Great Theater of Razzle Frazz

“What about Ashborne and Standard Bearer? What happened to them those two days when they got back from the Underdark?” One impatient girl in front of the old Razzle Frazz asks. The children have gathered once again to hear the old man’s stories. “Oh right!” the bard exclaims, “I almost forgot.”

The half-drow escapes to his room with the quill and book in hand once drying off and changing his clothes from being in too much water for one day. He begins to pour into the book finding the original author was Neznarr. This book has been lost to time for over 40 years. It seems the drow was a wizard as Ash finds various magical notations within it, maybe for when his spell book was out of reach. Various scribbles of day to day life is littered throughout this very full book. Ash also finds quotes from his favorite novelist, Merriweather Wilfred O’Doyle inside. It seems that the Black Spider was also a budding artist. Sketches of family and friends are made throughout it. One is of 3 changelings, 1 Ash recognizes to be Blendis and the other as Vhalak. Near the back of the book is many sketches of Felicia, in loving admiration. Ash notices that some pages throughout the book seem to be magically held together; he fears pulling at these old bindings may destroy the book so he decides to stop.

After reading as much as he can of the book, and coming to the conclusion that he feels he is truly Neznarr’s son, Ash falls asleep. But not for long as the Quill begins to talk to him. They begin a friendship together as it turns out that “Quill” is a protector of Neznarr’s family and has come to the conclusion that Ash is the child of the Black Spider. He tells him that, “Neznarr’s only child will exact the revenge of his death if it were to happen to the person who killed him (in this case, Felicia).”

The next day Razzle Frazz and Ashborne meet for the first time before the other Inheritors meet up with him and spring his security system. The old mage explains that Felicia is foolish for not telling Ash who he is and explains that he is his true father though, at this point, Ash doesn’t believe it. He also tells of what happened to Neznarr and how they killed him and how Felicia took the final arrow to the drow wizard. Ash goes home after the ruckus has been taken care of in silence.

Meanwhile Standard Bearer is summoned to Dr. Important’s mansion to remove the bomb in his chest. He does so and explains that he will be able to improve Stan as well though he will have to power him down for a few hours. Stan agrees and afterward the gnome gloats of his winnings as the new Warden of the Haven Ward. Stan congratulates him and goes home.

When the Inheritors get together the next day Ash is not speaking to his mother; she prepares for the 2nd day of the big show encouraging the others to advertise like heck. They go to the bank to do some money exchanging and all of a sudden a pair of succubi break into the bank to rob it along with a charmed dragonborn gladiator named Lootzor. The heroes stop them (though the fiends escape) and are thanked by the bank tellers. Lootzor runs away and thanks the heroes with some healing potions in a way of saying sorry. After the Sentinels get there the heroes continue on their way to advertise.

They arrive at the Quotidian Minstrel studio where Dewey Raines works. They get his help for advertising for tonight’s show in exchange for some money and an exclusive interview with Finethir Shinebright about his home being destroyed. They interview him with a studio filled audience and it’s broadcast across Frostopolis on all the E.V.A.‘s and there they drop the surprise of having Ahmed (Finethir’s old apprentice who turned him into what he is today) in shackles appear for an interview as well. Finethir does his best not to get angry and the interview is quick with Ahmed claiming to be the victim. Dewey is glad about the good ratings and thanks the two mages for their time; Ahmed is escorted back to prison. The adventurers go home to prepare for that night’s performance.

Once back, Felicia explains that she was able to find out that many important figures from all over Frostopolis will be there tonight but also that there may be an assassin who is out to kill one of those VIPs; rumors in various thieves guilds say so. The inheritors are tasked to keep the night going smoothly without the audience knowing and protect any VIPs tonight without them knowing. They do so throughout the night by stopping scalpers, preventing people from sneaking in, getting rid of pesky ghosts who want a free show, fixing roof leaks, getting rid of a familiar man that also bears the same resemblance to the person who gave power to those monsters down in the Underdark who almost took over the theater (turns out Favric now leads the retinue of King Celeborn’s private guard and wants Cade to apply for the job to be a part of it too), giving interviews, helping the gladiator performers get ready, feeding the crazy old beggar that frequents their kitchen, kicking out pickpockets, and helping VIPs to their special seats without problems (people like Mae , Razzle Frazz, Dr. Important, and Tustegar Grayfeet).

They finish their work without the crowd knowing any the wiser and the show goes without a hitch. Now, for the show’s finale that the gladiator’s were excited about…



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