Four Fables

Episode 214



-A Warforged Titan from Kinsmet

Dammir, boss of the pit fighter troupe, comes on stage for the finale along with a very large wooden crate. He explains, ’We have traveled the world of Erryes far and wide and have found the most superb predator in our most recent visit to Kinsmet. But the only way to truly show their fighting prowess is to let them go all out. Thankfully, we live in a city where their death means nothing to the law and sentience is not applicable here. I present to you the angry and abusive Warforged Titan!" Three warforged step out of the now open crate along with a massive Warforged covered in spikes. The four enter the ring to do battle to death. Many in the audience are excited for the battle but some are appalled. Standard communicates to the group that spectacle must be stopped so Vhalak tries to confront Dammir.

Up until this point, Mae has been enjoying the show sitting with Ashborne. The heroes, realizing they must stop this fight begin to make their way down to the main stage (Ashborne is able to sneak a kiss to the drow before hand, of course) but they are stopped by what appears to be a drow woman who drops from the rafters onto the private box they are in. She is dressed as the fabled Blue Hilt and takes her sword out and proceeds to attack Mae.

A battle ensues both on stage with most of the inheritors and some in the private box protecting the Captain. They are able to vanquish what appears to be a Yochlol (a monster from the Underdark) who was posing as Blue Hilt. Dammir also reveals himself to be an evil cambion who attacks the party along with some of his troupe and the warforged beserkers. They vanquish the cambion and the smaller warforged exclaim they are free while the larger one asks the inheritors if they can heal his master. With the fight over (and the theater cleared out) they refuse or lie that he is already dead until he vanishes in a cloud of ash. The titan looks angry at them and proceeds to blow up in their face using his bomb from within; many are hurt but none are killed. It turns out the warforged were sold like slaves to Dammir and there were many more before those 4 but they all slowly were killed throughout the shows for Dammir’s profit. If they ever tried to escape Dammir would command them to blow themselves up with his magic. With the crisis averted the theater was still able to make a great night out of this with minimal death and damage. The rest of the troupe ran from the theater when the warforged first started fighting and Ardhorn is able to spin a good angle to Dewey in all of this to the Quotidian Minstrel. Dr. Important (also at the show) says he can help the smaller warforged out if Standard wants, getting rid of the bombs from within them. He agrees and the warforged become new employees (sentries) for the theater. The gnome exclaims that one of his first duties as Warden will be to create a better society in Frostopolis that is free from racism towards the warforged.

That night, most of the Inheritors go to bed tired but thankful for a rewarding night. Ashborne walks Mae home to her ship in the airship port. She asks him to come up for some coffee and spends the night there. Vhalak goes to a secret meet up with Reginald Alvar. The half-elf explains to Vhalak that he believes his sentinels have been secretly infiltrated by the Whispering Wind thieves guild. Most of the new recruits (who hail from Kartan in Cush) call out sick on a specific day of the month, each month, and the Sentinel death count has gone up significantly in the past few months since they have been here. King Celeborn won’t let Reginald start this investigation so he asks Vhalak to find out more but will deny any involvement if they are caught. Vhalak agrees and Reginald gives a list of names (some of them are the same as those who beat and stole from the party earlier that week) and where their patrol routes go but that this schedule won’t happen for another 3 weeks so as not to draw attention to the W.W. since they get their upcoming patrol routes pretty far in advance. Vhalak returns to the theater to rest promising any news to Reginald when he can.

That night, Valin is visited by the old beggar who constantly tries to get food in the theater’s kitchen throughout the past few weeks. Before Valin can get rid of him, the human claims he remembers the dwarf. He also recalls the fact that the mines of Phandelver have dried up due to the ramifications of the Heroes of the Portal closing many portals over 10 years ago. Valin realizes who he is, he vaguely remembers an old man trapped underwater at the cistern in the Redbrand thieves guild (refer to Episode 104). Realizing there is more to this old man, Valin invites him for a late supper in the kitchen. There he finds that the old man remembers his name for the first time: Ryosuke. He is easily confused but when giving important info. (like saying he knows where to find the real “Blue Hilt”) he says it feels like someone is putting these thoughts into his brain each time he talks. Valin lets the old man stay the night.

The next day the group is surprised to find Ryosuke in the kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone. It’s the best food they have ever had and when asked where he figured this out he says, ‘I remember being in The Temple of Hand Foot and Mind where I was the cook and the master there.’ The group offers him a job as their chef and he agrees only if they let him take them to where Blue Hilt is as he feels it’s important for him to do so for some reason. The group decides to head out first to Cade’s tryouts for the royal guard position then go to the sewers of Frostopolis to find Blue Hilt.

“How did the old man know where Blue Hilt was?” Snot runs down one of the children listening to the riveting story of Razzle Frazz but asks the question anyway; all the children were interested too.

Razzle Frazz looks surprised, “What old man are you talking about?”

The boy continues, “You know, Ryosuke. Who is he?”

Razzle Frazz becomes annoyed and continues to deny that and says, “You’re getting the story wrong, it wasn’t some old man, I said it was Valin and Vhalak who figured out how to find where Blue Hilt was.”

The boy continues to correct him and eventually the old man smacks the boy across the face in anger. Everyone is shocked and Razzle Frazz says as patiently as he can with a shaky voice, “Let’s go find your mother.” Razzle Frazz takes the crying boy by the hand and leasd him to their village. The rest of the children go home, a bit scared but still want to find out the rest of the story. The odd thing is, after that day, the snot-nosed boy was never seen again…



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