Four Fables

Episode 215

Blue Hilt's Domain


-A Death Kiss

The heroes go to the testing of Sir Cade. Favric meets them in his barracks within the castle walls of the North Ward. The first test is to open a sentient magical chest; he is able to reason with it (after a couple of hits and apologies to the box) and open it’s contents. The 2nd test is to take on a nimble royal guard by the name of Silwinda. With proper strategy and well placed spells, he is able to make her yield in the fighting pit. The final test is to protect a guard posing as the king and escape with her. Men surround Cade and the “king” but he is able to strike most of them down and makes his way towards the exit. Favric steps up in the combat as well and is upset to see that Cade just left his charge by herself and puts his magic glaive to her neck saying, “The test is over, you failed.” Cade is discouraged and says he should have stayed with the person he was supposed to protect. Favric is happy that he learned something in this and encourages the young Grayguard to try out for the royal guard in a few months time.

During these tests Ash begins to figure out (through magical means) who this Favric is to everyone and thinks that this man once took advantage of his mother. Felicia mistakes him for an ex bandit of the Redbrands and calls him out. Favric is confused but thinks they know him for being a member of the cult of the dragon god, Tiamat. (refer to Episode 106) He explains he did his time in jail for his crimes and that King Celeborn gave him another chance at military life and he rose to the rank he is now commanding in the royal guard. He understands their frustration and agrees to give them a chance to talk to the King in 1 week’s time. Favric also gives Cade his magical glaive in hopes that he can return it to Favric in a few months as an official royal guard.

The group, satisfied, begin to follow Ryo to where Blue Hilt is. While traveling, though, they are ambushed by two snipers from house windows, laying Felicia and Vhalak out. They attempt to chase the two gith but they escape through the city streets. Rhydian realizes the poisoned bolts are from mercenary assassins for the Whispering Wind. Once they rest for a bit the group continues to the sewers.

They arrive at a secret entrance to Blue Hilt’s headquarters and after a few challenging traps, lessons learned from quotes of the famous Blue Hilt, and an attack from a couple of beholders from the Underdark (called “Death Kiss’”) they arrive at the main hall of the greatest hero Lykovia has ever known. They begin to search the great headquarters and find strange water basins labeled with names and places. They also come across Blue Hilt’s fabled armor, cloak, gloves, and rapier. Some try to grab the items but are thrown back by force magic. Ardhorn thinks maybe Ryo is Bluehilt so that he can grab the items but the old man denies it and points to Vhalak’s ring, exclaiming, “But you have his ring, it must be you!” Vhalak, hesitantly grabs the sword and is immediately attuned to it. He considers putting on the non-magical armor and clothes but remembers that the sight of Blue Hilt might paint a bulls eye on his back to all criminal organizations within Frostopolis. So he stows it away for now. They also find the supposed coffin of Blue HIlt hidden in the water behind the items they got. After a magic trap of ice hurts Felicia for opening the coffin her findings show no body or bones within. The group continues to explore the establishment of the “dead” Blue Hilt while taking a breather.



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