Four Fables

Episode 218

"Who do you trust, Ardhorn?"

The heroes switch up their roster to let others who were hurt get some rest. The rest continue further into the complex. They come across small fey creatures called Quicklings who are making the true myth out of the Melora’s Tears. They fear for their families and their lives as they are chained to their work. The heroes promise them help and they continue south finding some treasure and the cells where the quicklings are kept. Many other humanoids are kept in cells too; no one knows if they are alive or not.

They try to continue south but come across a cold iron door that can’t be broken. They search for the key by back tracking and, unfortunately, come across some werewolves, weretigers, and an old familiar pair of succubi (from the bank heist). They stop them all and even destroy the monster who broke Ardhorn’s rod. The rod, once retrieved from the werewolf, proceeds to sprout into many leaves and flowers, becoming a small cape for the halfling to wear. A magic mouth spell goes off and Wendy’s voice says, “19050, I’m glad you found your rod again, hopefully it’s new powers from Larue will help you in your quest!”

Once getting the key the group goes back to the quicklings but their good intentions are not fast enough for the quicklings. They go on a rampage and start attacking the crew with their knives, chains, and tools. The group knocks them out and ties them up in the room.

After another short rest, the heroes use the key on the large door to the south and come into a large throne room made for Cannonball. Shelves of liquor and True Myth litter the room along with an unconscious quickling and a chained up human boy knocked out on the ground. The pierced monstrosity that is Canonball sits on his pearl throne and talks to Favric in Sylvan, brokering a deal. Favric is stunned to see the heroes here and Cannonball shouts in Common while raising his large flail, “It seems you have been followed by the pesky Inheritors. No matter, my son’s death will be avenged by my hand.” The others come to his aid as battle ensues.

The heroes are hesitant to hurt Favric so they focus fire on the other known enemies. Finally, Favric morphs into a great werebear and walks next to Adhorn and says, once again, “Who do you trust, Ardhorn?” He then slashes his large claws into Canonball as the heroes join forces with the werebear.



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