Four Fables

Episode 302

Death House

The group wakes up after horrible nightmares, but Senna and Ghrakis are still in a deep sleep suffering from night terrors and are unable to be awakened. Confused, the remaining group continues to scour the home for the “monster” hoping their sleeping friends will be ok. They find themselves in the attic where they happen upon two small skeletons on the floor that were inside a boarded up and locked room. It appears to be Rose and Thorn, long since dead amidst their toys and belongings. Their ghosts appear as the heroes explore their room, instilling their fear of the “monster in the basement” on them. They insist the party to stay but once they try to leave, Rose possesses Deckard. Though not harmed, he is now insistent to be in charge of the group and find the secret door that leads to the basement. They are successful and promise the ghosts they will return for them.

A long spiral staircase goes from the attic to the cavern-like basement. They come across the crypts of the Durst family though most are empty, including one labeled for a third child of the Durst family, “Walter.” Other interesting rooms litter the very large and winding “basement” and they are attacked by horrible shadows, swarms of insects, and ghouls. Once attacked in the tight quarters with the ghouls, Sor’rel Stormcloak does his best to protect his friends but the ghouls devour him. Once the monsters are dead the heroes are too late to save their friend as he dies in their hands. A low roll of thunder rumbles above ground.

They take his body back up to the already sleeping heroes on the third floor and take another 8 hours to sleep. During the night though, the heroes suffer more horrible nightmares which barely gives them any rest. Also during the last watch, the gnome’s body twitches every so often even after a proper death prayer is given by Shep on behalf of the Raven Queen. The 3 who are still able to look in the caverns do so with Sor’rel’s body left upstairs as Shep promises to bury him outside when they get out of here.

After more attacks and continued searching deeper in the basement, the heroes find what appears to be a large ritual chamber with a large area of 2 feet of water surrounding a dais. Senna and Ghrakis join them after finally waking up from their horrible nightmares. They ask where Sor’Rel is and explain that they never saw him upstairs nor was there any blood on the table they left him on (which thoroughly freaks the others out). While arguing about whether the gnome is dead or not, Deckard approaches the dais and all of a sudden 13 black robed figures appear above the chambers, their chanting is loud and angry as they say over and over, “One must die! One must die! One must die!”



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