Aleska Anima

Older Sister of Leo, Duchess of Rydelle


She tried to earn her father’s approval and the birthright of a firstborn son by overachieving and handling responsibilities of government when Leonus ran away (his age at the time, 16; hers 23).

After she found out she had cancer, she let Emperor Rallis “cure” her by making her undead so that she could live forever. She was killed by the party and her last her words were to Leo, “Father liked you best…”

Her recent funeral was made by General Abana and Oracle Alvis at the Sundial of Pelor in Resen. Many people claimed she should not have that honor but she eventually was given that respect. An interesting bit of info. came up: Aleska was not blood related to the Anima family, she was adopted in a Pelorian orphanage in Kinsmet.

Leo was able to pay some last respects to her and was even able to talk to her through a “Speak with Dead” ritual (with the help of “Agent Rose” and Thorin). After helping the group she asked Leo, “Why are you still alive? You should be dead from the massacre at Rydelle City.”

Aleska Anima

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