Balasar Zavari



Balasar is a humonoid dragon figure who is generally ocher in color though may appear a murky green when seen through the sunlight at a far distance. He has red piercing eyes, a strong jaw and a blunt nose. He stands 6 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds. Along with his several scars from years of battle Balasar also carries a piece of the egg shell from which he was born out of to remind him of his heritage and of the parents he never met. Armed with a long reaching sword that has served him well through times of hardship, he carries a sturdy bow as well. Along with his thick scales he wears dwarven plate mail, which he uses for defense as well as a sign of the protective nature he feels towards his fellow travelers. During his years of service he wore a symbol of a king on each shoulder which displayed his rank and loyalty. As far as his diet, being dragonborn he has a strong hunger for meat though is more then capable of eating softer more vegetable type foods. During a battle in which Zehir was being worshipped Balasar felt a sharp pain in his back as large dragon like wings sprouted from the top half of his back. Recently the group will and has noticed that Balasar has been gaining green blotches on his skin and have been more and more common and his tongue has become forked.

Recently Balasar has lost the taint of Zehir and has been returned to his original color, however, his wings have rotted off and his tongue has returned to normal leaving him wingless as he once was before. He has also switched his weapon of choice to an executioners axe to see if it will benefit him more.


For almost as long as he can remember Comadant Balasar Zavari has lived in service to the king through the military. Left still in his egg at the door step of the academy, Balasar has never known his birth parents except for a small note left with him giving his name and family name. Training through the ranks he found it easy to lead his kinfolk through the drills and missions left before him. Having lived through many battles and campaigns he is a veteran of war and its nature feels common to him. At the age of 35 imperial years he is well adjusted to life and doesn’t like change except when he and his friends are benefited by it. Due to the Midian war against the teifling he has strong distrust of the demon mutated species. Believing there is good and right in the world he is a strong follower of Bahumat the dragon god and strives to ever protect society and the light it brings to a dark realm. Assured in his dragon heritage he keeps a piece of the egg from which he hatched on a chain around his neck, and forever seeks to meet his birth parents in order to find out the mystery behind his abandonment. Proud almost to a fault he becomes offended when his loyalty is questioned, he is sometimes thought to be a perfectionist though this is due to his military background. Confident in the fiery breath within his lungs he leads his noble troops on raids against the teifling forces until one night all does not go according to plan. During one raid Balasar is captured by hobgoblins while securing his platoons escape. Held in the under dark for one year he is rescued by Thorin and company during a rescue mission for Delad an elven monk stationed in the cell near him. As he gets out of the tunnels he finds himself in a bar surrounded by his fellow kin who seem to be wearing a different kingdoms symbol on their uniform. After being attacked by members of his own platoon, Balasar discovers that the two kingdoms are no longer at war but instead have formed a united kingdom, and he wearing his former badge is now a would be traitor. Fearing for his honor and a lack of understanding he tags along with Thorin’s group in order to learn more. He removes his badge of command in hopes of one day being able to bare it again proudly on the field of battle, his troops following behind him.

Though Balasar feels close to his people he believed there was more important matters at hand then to return with his Master to Midia. During a fierce battle in which Master Basharak called Balasar out as a traitor lest he return with him. Balasar believing himself free from accusation and innocent regardless fought his Master hoping to prove himself worthy without trial or possibly to convince his Master that he had never stopped serving Bahamut the God he choose to serve. Balasar was hit with a mighty blow and tens of feet to his near death. As he hit his master one more time, his master returned the attack driving him to the ground once more. Balasar hope for some sort of sign that Bahamut would step in and save his life. Then as darkness closed in around him he heard a voice. It was not the voice of Bahamut as he had hoped but the voice of another that offered him life and power.

Balasar carried the taint and blood of Zehir for many months, hearing the whispers of Zehir speak about power and success throughout his travels. As the group travel to Resin City where the head temple of Pelor resides, Balasar was continuously uncomfortable whenever walking the temples ground and often felt it better to avoid the temple. When the day came that the group would discuss with the oracle the best course of action to take against Stondylus, Balasar felt it important to partake in meeting. In going against his gut feeling he entered the meeting believing that Zehir was undetectable. During the meeting Balasar’s hidden powers were discovered by the oracle who attacked him and questioned him before the whole group. Balasar believed denying it would lead him to freedom but when the oracle pressed further Balasar began to hear Zehir’s voice in his head offering to let Balasar escape with great power but the group would be harmed in the process. Realizing that Zehir was leading him down a path he never wanted to venture, Balasar sought the comfort and unity he felt with his last remaining friends over the future Zehir offered him, he denied Zehir. In no longer serving Zehir Balasar feel within inches of death and his wings rotted away. Then the angel named Malakiy appeared to him.

After the Heroes of the Portal quest:

Even though they claim he is a god, Balasar Zavari feels no different than before. Sure, he vanquished a few gods himself, but what he misses is his old life in his country of Midia. When he returns with much pomp and circumstance and parades and honors, he realizes this cold war is doing nothing but destroying the resources of his country. As a general of Midia’s army he begins to dismantle much of the armies that protect their borders as a sign of good will to Urartu. They follow suit finding there are more common enemies they can agree upon to team against: whether pesky orc armies rise to power or dragons nesting in forests in their countries. The countries never coexist again, but they have created a friendship that is more attainable for both of their pride.

Balasar Zavari

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