Blue Hilt

Rogue Arcane Trickster


Long ago a hero by this name saved Frosthaven (the old name of Frostopolis) from corrupt generals who were trying to take advantage of the once Lykovian townspeople by raising taxes for their own gain. He took them down one by one and revolutionized the land of government tyranny. Some people believe he was real while others thought that he was just a fairy tale for those who have lost hope in Frosthaven due to the Brother-Sister War. No one has seen him in over a hundred years.

This mysterious warrior is said to be the fastest blade in all of Lykovia. They called him Blue Hilt due to his blue hilted sword that many would never see the blade due to the fact that he was quicker with a blade than anyone else and that if you were attacked by him you would never see the blade, only the hilt in his sheathe. Others would say he was a revolutionist and would talk to the public in order to get them on his side instead of a fight, hence his hilt was only seen, and not the blade in negotiations.

After many different encounters with this “hero” it proved that he is only that what many know him as: a fictional hero.

More rumors are springing up of this hero now: Vhalak’s ring of mind shielding seems to have a prophecy and is a key to the fairytale hero in some way. At one point in 1219, the Inheritors find the headquarters to Blue Hilt. There they find that many people have been Blue HIlt through the ages, once one of them dies their remains are burned immediately by radiant light and the magic sword and robes are teleported back to the headquarters for a new chosen one to find. Vhalak is able to acquire these items but doesn’t show to many that he has the fabled sword and cloak.

Vhalak becomes the new Blue Hilt as of the end of 1219 due to his faked death.

Blue Hilt

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