Cade Derebont

Paladin Gray Guard


This red haired human seems to be burly and in his late 20’s. A large glaive is at his side that seems to glisten off his scale armor.

Sworn protector of the Gray Guard of Bahamut, he helped Razzle Frazz protect his home and start-up theater during the Sibling War of Frosthaven. He is now giving his respects to the old storyteller as he is promised a piece of his great theater in Razzle Frazz’s will.

After protecting the theater once again he befriends Favric and decides to leave the grayguard and become a werebear. He was last seen going to Kartan in Cush to finish off the Whispering Wind along with his sire, Favric.

Cade Derebont

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