Councilman Horatio Pashin

A councilman of the city of Pashin


This dwarf Shaman is different in the normal dwarven ways as he uses the spirits of the forgotten beasts of the Yaslin mountains. These spirits protect, heal, and empower Horatio and his friends when he was on the battlefield.

He hired Thorin Lotus I’s group to clear out some dungeons in the Yalin mountains back in 1174.

He joined the Keepers (1st Collect 1208) and supplies them with funds to find artifacts. But he (3rd Rest 13:1208) died due to a heart attack. Stondylus reanimated his body by possessing him and possessed him while still helping the Keepers, much to Kyrynn’s dismay.

Now he was found dead, Stondylus had left his body.

Councilman Horatio Pashin

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