Age: 39 (very young for an elf)


The elf monk with an arcane scar on his back. He is believed by some to be a part of a great prophecy that has to deal with the gods… as of yet, he hasn’t decided how happy he is to be involved. The gods never really asked him.

Also, he’s Really sick of watching horses.

He was captured by the Hobgoblin’s of the fort, “Branded by Bane” and does not recollect 6 of the 13 months he was captured for.

After not recollecting another 5 months of time during the war in Kinsmet, Delad came back but with new, unexplained powers that seem to come out of habit. The black robed monk seemed to be part assassin.

He renounced his assassin ways after finding to be brainwashed by drow. He has taken the monk ways again, and follows the light of Pelor.

He tried a technique to help the group recently called “Time Transcendence” in order to gain info. to help the party from his dead master but it didn’t work in his favor. He has awoken with the amnesia, he has the mindset of a 15 year old elf as if he had never met his friends.

After the Heroes of the Portal Quest:

Delad is able to raise Irrbryn in the Temple of the Hand, Foot, and Mind to the best of his ability. He reopens the temple but doesn’t stay long as Master Ryosuke is still missing. Not even a body has turned up, so Delad has made it his goal to find his master and spends many years searching for him. No one knows if he ever accepted the love of the good gods again.


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