Dewey Raines

Head Reporter of the Frostopolis Minstrel


This short, blue, kobold has risen in ranks in being the best reporter for all that is Frostopolis news. The company, Frostopolis Minstrel Inc. keeps the news up to date magically through their scrying screens all throughout the city.

He has a raspy voice and not all much to look at until the wand is on and he’s “on for the people” as he calls it. His blond wig makes him look almost…humanoid. Two lackeys are always with him as he is getting info. from various people. He’s there and quickly gone when his story is over. News happens all around the city and it seems he does his best to be there for the action the moment it happens. The people of Frostopolis love him.

Dewey Raines

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