Dr. Important

Dr. Ivan Importanttodetailsandmagicandtechnology


The inheritors met this gnome scientist with Razzle Frazz as he explained the will to them. He is a friend of Razzle Frazz and sounds to be important to the politicians of Frostopolis. He has been getting notoriety to be a protector of the Warforged who have now flooded into the city of Frostopolis.

He became Warden of Haven Ward of Frostopolis and eventually goes crazy by becoming a revolutionist for the warforged. By taking out their explosive devices within he replaced it with a type of divination apparatus to see what they are seeing. With that he was able to take over the city through the Warforged Sentinels that he had under control. He is eventually confronted by the Inheritors before things get worst and he is killed by an elemental that fell out of their control before being able to arrest him.

Dr. Important

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