Ex-Lover of the Queen of Corsairs


Farnquaa looks out only for himself. He’s been locked up for the past 2 years because of Thorin who caught him and his crew on their pirate ship. He used to be the favorite of the Scarlet Corsair (now known as the Queen of Corsairs) and he has been a snitch to the Resen militia inside the prison cell in order for him to survive and not be killed by others inside the prison. He eventually was given access to solitary confinement in the high security prison so as not to die from the Queen’s hands.

He’s made a deal with Delad to show them how to get to the Queen’s hideout in order for him to be let go.

After the showdown with the Queen of Corsairs, in the midst of the tension, no one saw Farnquaa make his secret escape on a dingy. No one knows where he is, not many people care.


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