Personal guard to King Celeborn of Frostopolis


This human, (now) early 60’s, has dark, short hair and a salt and pepper beard. He and his retinue of dragon god cultists back in season 1 were devoted to their cause in befriending the green dragon in Thundertree. He asked for help from the heroes to do so.

At first they agree but Cadwyn realizes they are followers of Tiamat. Things go south quick and a standoff happens between the two groups. Favric and his few followers left back away from the heroes in unsteady peace. Hopefully they never see him again.

BUT THEY DO! 40 years later, at Razzle Frazz’s Theater, Cade is introduced to him as a soldier for King Celeborn’s personal guard. Maybe he’s turned a new leaf?

HE HAS! Turns out he is secretly an agent for Larue who is trying to take down the evil Lycanthrope of the Whispering Wind. The Inheritors help him and dispose of Cannonball. He continues his efforts to take down the thieves guild by going to Kartan (their base of operation), taking Cade with him as his protege.


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