Felicia Stro'Upe

False name: Delany Wyn'throp


Once rising to the surface from the Underdark and trying to adjust to the sun, Felicia would often pose as a wood elf using her disguise kit. Her false identity she created for herself was Delany Wyn’throp, a merchant trader and buyer of rare goods, “Delany” took a small business model and made it into a well known operation in the Kartan region of Cush (using some of the items she ascertained from sometimes questionable methods i.e. theft, gambling, etc.). She met Lucien and eventually joined him with the Redbrands doing random mercenary/bodyguard work in the country of Cush (using her false identity if needed for travels sake), near the town of Phandalin.

1 month ago to current time, Lucien, Felicia, and a few other gang members go on a highway robbery on Triboar Trail. Things go well until a few of the gang members turn on Lucien for some reason the drow still doesn’t know today. Lucien is mortally wounded and Felicia is dragged back to the hideout to be disciplined into submission.

For the past month Felicia have seen Glasstaff rise to leadership of the Redbrands and she has been going through the motions of being with the guild.

After joining back with Lucien and trying to repair their relationship she has found him to become more obsessed with killing Glasstaff. Once they find the evil mage Lucien kills Glasstaff and his anger remains. Felicia feels sorry for him and realizes her time is over with Lucien and she never wishes for her son to meet his true father, Lucien.

Felicia Stro'Upe

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