Finethir Shinebright



Arrogant, self-obsessed and filled with an inflated sense of his own ego, Finethir Shinebright is one of the worst people suited to be transformed into a sheep. Still, no matter his form the former elven wizard manages to exude an air of fussy, bookish intellectualism.

Left to his own devices, Shinebright will talk at length about himself, his achievements and his study of the arcane. He shows a staggering inability to notice anybody’s needs or desires and is perfectly capable of ruining friendships or professional relationships completely by

Despite his flaws, however, he is generally goodhearted. Assuming he notices them and it doesn’t inconvenience him too much he will try to help others where possible, though he will loudly complain of their inability to grasp concepts as simple as poly-planal transweave theory.

Once upon a time the local nobles, merchants and arcanists spoke the name of Finethir
Shinebright with respect, awe and grudging admiration. A master of transmutation, he would regularly be called upon to carry out grand tasks such as clearing blocked roads by turning massive boulders into rabbits. Two years as a sheep have taught him very little
about humility, but a lot about grass.

Key Characteristics:
- Arrogant, snobbish and self-absorbed
- Kind at heart
- Incapable of reading social situations

Once saved by the Inheritors, he asks to stop his apprentice, Ahmed Noke from taking over his home. The Inheritors do so, sending Noke to jail. After Ardhorn tried to turn him back into an elven wizard the wand of true polymorph exploded causing his figure to change permanently to a tiefling. It also seems the magic imbued him permanently becoming a wild magic sorcerer.

With a destroyed home, Ardhorn invites him to stay at the Theater until his house is restored.

Once the theater is finally restored, Razzle Frazz fixes his polymorph wand and his home in the North Ward and he is given a piece of the theater (thanks to Felicia) and the sorcerer agrees to help the Inheritors with the theater from now on.

Finethir Shinebright

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