This half-orc was son of Thrull, the orc leader of their village who were followers of the evil god, Gruumsh. With the help of the party, Gbaja stops his father from sacrificing Oskoor’s dwarven brothers. In the process, he kills Thrull who was actually possessed by the ghost of Stondylus. Bearing the chieftain’s club, Gbaja then became the chief of his father’s village where he converts them to followers of Pelor and begins to teach them what is good and just. They renamed the village to Ijon.

After Gbaja had helped the village accept the ways of Pelor he became a known evangelist for Pelor amongst other noncommon races.

He has now rejoined the group after being asked by the council at the Sundial Temple to administer the test to see who of their group is worthy of being the Oracle. He must monitor their actions to take into account if they are worthy of the role: Oracle.

The test has happened, he made the tough decision to ask Leo to be the new Oracle. But the council of Pelor has been testing Gbaja through these tests to see if he would be able to make tough decisions. They applaud his efforts and claim him to be the next Oracle of Pelor. He gladly accepts and leaves the party in order to take care of the people of Pelor.


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