This shardmind wizard was imprisoned by Mephits in the Underdark. He learned their magic and used it to escape. He met with the characters and agreed to accompany them since they were trying to leave the Underdark. He helped them in order to escape himself.

Upon arriving in Resen he parted ways with the heroes of the Portal in order to gain ship passage back to the mainland.

After seeking travels through another portal, another botched portal spell sends him to the Shadowfell where he finds himself, again, with the heroes. Quite annoyed, thinking it’s the heroes fault again that another portal fail has happened, he begrudgingly helps them fight Zirithian. During the fight, Zirithian’s artifact sword, Nightbringer, tempts the shardmind and he is swayed by the evil magic and attacks the heroes with it. They are able to knock him out and tie him up. With the fight over, they go back in another portal to go home. When that happens, everyone is sent to their proper place, but this time, Hannu is sent somewhere else. He is lost, yet again.


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