Wizard (school of necromancy)


Hulda was a human orphan girl that grew up with Thorin in the Sundial along with their friend Gunnarr. She was a priestess who specialized in rituals and divine spells that worked well against the undead.

Thorin always felt a romantic connection with her and she has reciprocated those feelings as well in the past but before she left suddenly 2 years ago she tended to be distant with Thorin.

Hulda recently came back to save Thorin’s life, but only through the powers of vampirism. She is happy to be with him again and now they can live together forever. But she noticed she was not welcome with the rest of the party and left Thorin with a parting gift (her pendant).

She went by the code name “Siv” as she had been hired for a mercenary job by “The Locksmith.” She found that “The Locksmith” was embodied by Stondylus who claimed to be her father at the end of their caper. She embraced him to learn more and now she has been possessed by the ghost and has the artifact needed to open the way to the portal. She/he killed Fissure and was last seen heading east.

She was saved by Thorin even though she almost died by Stondylus’ hands. She now resides with the other gods and Thorin as it was the only way to save her from death.


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