Age: 65


No one knows of his background. His sidekick, Ralph the raven familiar he has had ever since he could remember from the beginning of his “new” life, has helped him along the way. He did work with the evil wizard Stondylus, but has since been reformed. He seeks to recover more memories from his past.

Characteristics within battle:

  • Jayden is a chaotic sorcerer. He tries to stand away from his team during battle so they are not adversely impacted by his sometimes uncontrollable power. He likes to use ranged attacks to target groups of enemies or foes who are out of reach of other team members.
  • Jayden has sworn a life-debt to Thorin (to redeem himself for slaying Thorin’s father in Jayden’s past). Therefore, in battle, if Thorin is facing terrible odds or is injured, Jayden will usually stop whatever he is doing to come to Thorin’s aid.
  • Jayden will come to the aid of anyone else in his group. He has grown fond of them. Although he often feels Delad is at times too confident for his own good and Jayden sees a little of his “younger” self in the young elf. Therefore, he is willing to allow Delad to take a few blows (for his own good) before jumping in to save him. haha.

Characteristics outside of battle:

  • Often Jayden still feels like an outsider and that members of his team (except for Thorin) still do not really trust him. Therefore, he can often be seen alone or talking to Ralph.
  • Because of his past, Jayden is quick to give others the benefit-of-the-doubt when they are accused (like Leonus) and often defends outcasts when he can.
  • Jayden is not shy about giving his opinion about matters, but because of his life-debt will almost always follow the decision of Thorin.
  • When he does desire interaction, he is often in conversation with Balasar, as he feels a connection to the dragonborn race and loves to learn more about him.
  • He is on friendly terms with most other members (with the slight exception of Delad who he again feels is like a younger and at times slightly annoying brother – although deep down he is concerned for him, especially because of Jayden’s involvement in Delad’s past and feels partially responsible for his present predicament). He does not know what to make of Shintaro yet, and is keeping careful watch on his possible desire for having Ralph as a snack.

After the Heroes of the Portal quest:

Jayden hermits himself from the world. Not many people know him other than his great deeds as a Hero of the Portal. He likes the quietness with Ralph (who seems to be his old, dumb self since he was only possessed by Sehanine for the past 2 years); a nomad who comes and goes as the wind. He visits his friends around the world constantly: Leonus Anima in Kinsmet, Balasar in Midia, Oskoor in Pashin, heck, even Kyrynn with the Keepers of the Ancient Ones in Edom. He likes to feel connected to everyone and the only humanly way to do so is to visit them all constantly throughout the year. This also gives him a chance to really explore Stondylus’ various theories. The Great Theory wasn’t the only one he knew; mysterious wonders of the world are littered throughout the world of Erryes and Jayden has only scratched the surface of it. So with Stondylus’ books in hand, Jayden begins to find out what drew him to Stondylus. The half elf realized they were two sides of the same coin. They both loved to explore the world and meet new and interesting people and places though Stondylus would become obsessed with it, while Jayden knew not to mettle with something so established in this world. He realized that this was the only real family he had and that depressed him so much so that eventually he found himself back in Frostopolis (now renamed) with his father, Seravin Stormwind, hoping to find a relationship with him after so many years.


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