Leonus Anima

Heir to an unwanted throne


Appearance: 18 year old, tall, broad-shouldered, long blond hair with a Vandyke goatee and piercing cobalt blue eyes. His strong baritone voice carries tactical direction and encouragement over the clash of battle.

Personality: Leo acts consistently with courage and compassion, sacrificing himself for others without asking for anything in return. He demonstrates high moral principles, yet denies the deity of any religious figure, calling them “powerful beings, but not worthy of worship.” Though he is friendly with all the companions (working particularly well with Balasar), Leo has little respect for Thorin’s religious convictions.

Fighting Style: Though a natural-born tactician, Leonus spurns his role of leadership (just as he spurned his title as Duke’s Son), giving himself over to passionate battle to right wrongs. Perhaps to compensate for things out of his control, Leo hurls himself bodily at his foes, the light in his heart banishing darkness. This brash charge draws a rallying course for the companions and, as he grows from experience, his dormant talent for strategy compliments the inspiration of his unsinkable courage.

During Erryes Campaign: Leo met Thorin Lotus II and Jayden in a pub during their search for Delad. Seeming to sympathize with their plight, Leo helped them delve into the Underdark to rescue Delad and Balasar from a Bugbear prison.

He has accompanied them in the escape from Haran, the defeat of the red dragon, Rothia, the rescue of the burning city of Lystra and the rescue of Delad’s mentor,Master Ryosuke, in the Temple of Hand, Foot and Mind.

During all that time, Leo has been unwilling to open up about where he comes from. Comrades have discovered hints that his father is a cleric of Pelor and that they were not speaking. This seems to be the source of his distaste for religion.

Leo leaves the group after an attempt to assassinate Rallis, Emperor of Kinsmet during his parade in Geshur. The companions witness this attack, hearing Leo say to the Emperor, “give my regards to Braivemor” in Thorn’s native tongue. They then see him flee in a chariot in the company of a warforged.

Leo is reunited with the party in the Mountains of Kinsmet, his homeland, where the heroes were escorting Emperor Rallis on his way to Anvar, the capital city. Leo set up an ambush in a canyon during a dark and rainy night. Not recognizing the companions, he attacked and killed Rallis only to discover a decoy. When identities were revealed, Leo explained:

“My true name is Leonus Anima, son of the late Braivemor Anima, duke of the Kinsmetian realm of Rydelle. I ran from my family and responsibilities years ago, traveling foreign lands to find my own way in life, but in Geshur, I received word from my father’s most trusted aid, a Warforged named Olaf, that my father was assassinated at the command of our beloved Emperor Rallis. Before his death, my father invented lenses of true sight, which revealed that Rallis was possessed by the Spirit of your nemesis, Stondylus. The mad theorist slew my father and stole his research on Warforged technology. With this research, and his usurped authority, Stondylus has enthralled all Warforged in Kinsmet and used them to enslave the other races. Using the lenses Olaf gave me, I confirmed Stondylus’ identity. I know I have not been forthright with you all. Although it was to protect you, I see now that had I trusted you, things might have been better for all of us. Will you forgive me, and will you join the resistance force I have assembled to stop Stondylus and free Kinsmet?”

The companions agreed and together, they commanded a guerilla army in a year-long war against Stondylus’ forces. Gathering allies at every city they freed, the heroes made a final assault on Stondylus’ headquarters in Rydelle city. There, they discovered Leo’s own sister was deceived into serving the villain, who promised her a cure to her life-long affliction and turned her into an undead fiend. Worse still, she revealed his plot to spread a plague of undead throughout the entire nation.

After sending his undead sister to rest in peace, Leo and the others pursued his tormentor while being pursued in turn by the swarms of undead overwhelming the city.

In a n epic confrontation with the possessed Rallis, Leo took up his father’s sword, seeing a vision of the holy knight of Pelor who explained that Braicemor, Leo’s father, gave his life in a holy quest that only Leo can complete. Making peace with he god of his father, Leo accepted the mantle of Paladin. With the aid of Pelor, Leo and his friends were able to defeat Stondylus, whose spirit fled to his next plot. The restored Emperor Rolis sacrificed himself to stop the spread of undeath, but as a final act of treachery, Stondylus set off a chain reaction causing every Warforged to explode, leveling Rydelle city. The heroes barely escaped in Duke Braivemor’s private ship, but were framed for the destruction of the city and labeled outcasts of Kinsmet.

As a Paladin of Pelor, Leo vows to thwart Stondylus’ evil plan before returning to Kinsmet to right his family name and restore peace and order.

After finding out he is actually a warforged (who looks human) he has found that his time should be spent discovering who he is and what it means to lead Rydelle City as their Duke. Leo left the Heroes of the Portal before their final battle but helped as much as he could from afar.

Leonus Anima

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