Lin Yao

Emissary of the Lau Jahnan Dynasty


Lin Yao was last seen back in 1197 in Kinsmet. He met with Braivemor Anima to translate Supernal for him.

He tells Shintaro in their meeting at the Dibon Ruins at the Amber Sea, “King Braivemor trusted me for my knowledge of Supernal even though I was only a small child. I helped him translate the scrolls of the warforged to create them as I wanted our knowledge from the Lau Jahnan Dynasty to continue today. I was continuing the King’s work today, some 900 years later.”

He worked with the Keepers of the Ancient Ones in hopes to find the artifacts needed for Shintaro to restore their kingdom of Lau Jahnan. He’s pretty young as well since a primal spirit gave him the same memories as Lin Yao.

He now works with Nord Cooper in order to teach the shifters of Rhodantus what their old ways used to be now that their lost city had been found by Shintaro.


Lin Yao

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