Lucien Palantir

Warlock of the Sleeper One


This half-elf warlock wishes to keep his “bounty hunter” business as quiet as possible from others.

He told his new friends that he was in search of Glasstaff, who is leader of the Redbrand thugs in Phandalin. A few years ago Lucien was a part of the Redbrands doing small mercenary work throughout their region. He eventually became friends with Glasstaff who was only recently made a part of the Redbrands. Their leader, Caneghis, was betrayed by Glasstaff in order for Glasstaff to rise into power. Glasstaff didn’t like Lucien so he set him up and framed him. Lucien barely got out alive as the guild tried killing him for his “betrayal”; a close friend of his was killed in his escape as well and with Lucien about to die from a mortal wound, a power from the great beyond reached out and saved him giving him new, dark and unspeakable powers.

He eventually did find Glasstaff and killed him, giving into his vengeance and hate. Unfortunately the dark power that gives him his warlock abilities decides to permanently make his face the same as Glasstaff. Even though he did find out later that his son is biologically his, Felicia decides she doesn’t want to be with him anymore and makes sure he never meets his son.

To put his old name behind him and his new life as a person who appreciates stories, he decides to change it to: Razzle Frazz

Lucien Palantir

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