Master Ryosuke

The old monk master of Delad


Master Ryosuke was head of the “Temple of Hand, Foot, and Mind.” He is a bit old but was still quite a formidable monk who favored the quarterstaff. He suffered a strange poison recently, but was saved by Delad and his friends. He had taken Rothia under his tutelage to make him a good and just red dragon. He used to keep in contact through ESP with Delad, but when Delad came back with his new powers, he lost contact with his master. His last known whereabouts was “Rothia’s forest” in Midia-Urartu.

He might be dead according to Delad who talked to him in the midst of his “time transcendence” technique that took place many years ago. Though no body has been found and his whereabouts are a mystery.

It seems he is showing up in the stories of children who are hearing Razzle Frazz’s tales. He doesn’t know why he’s there but encourages the children to continue to listen to the old man’s stories.

Master Ryosuke

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