Nord Cooper



Nord was Thorin’s best friend growing up in the Temple. He was an orphan as well, who became a Paladin of Pelor. But something in him changed, and he left the order, disgraced and an outcast. He did something that was never mentioned after he left to Thorin, though the Oracle and some other priests of the Temple knew about it.

Thorin met with him haphazardly, finding that he is now Fleet Commander of the Navy of Cush. He didn’t want to hear what Thorin needed from him and made him leave his ship.

Weeks after taking in the Queen of Corsairs, for some reason, Nord is no longer Fleet Commander of the Navy of Cush. He was on a ship bound for Kinsmet from Cush but the ship was destroyed in a mysterious storm. Now he is stranded on the Island of Rhodantus

He met up with Hulda/Stondylus and came under her charm person spell. After being taken hostage they were able to free him of the spell’s control. Seeing his old friend, Thorin, sacrifice himself in order to save Hulda, Nord does the same and helps Lin Yao with the shifter clans in rebuilding their once lost-but now found kingdom.

Nord Cooper

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