The databroker


In his late teens, this half-elf comes originally from Mama Foxx’s house of the gifted. After the attack from the Brother-Sister War, he is one of few survivors from the school who now tries to help the rebellion by making “weapons.” Though it seems there is more to him than just simple spears and knives, as if arcane magic is wielded by him and his small band of rebels.

Turns out he has severe OCD hence why he was in Mama Foxx’s house of the gifted. He was a good leader for the rebels but he can’t gain any kind of influential political power because there’s a law stating no one from Mama Foxx’s House of the gifted can ever take government position.

Now, in his early 60’s, he is a databroker for illegal goods in Frostopolis. He is the contact for Vhalak. Last Vhalak saw of him was being taken by Sentinels, most likely being arrested.


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