Prince Celeborn

Royal heir to the throne of Frostopolis


This high elf hails from the Lykovia on behalf of the Bodhespen elven royal family. He is dressed in royal armor that seems to not have any kind of scratches on it. He has short blond hair and blue eyes, his hand mirror is always in his hand next to his pristine sword. He worries more of his own looks and prestige rather than worry about his own commoners.

He agreed to work with the Heroes of the Portal and the rebels of Frosthaven in order to kill the dragon siblings.

After the war he has tried naming himself King of Frostopolis though it is proving hard for him because of his father’s whereabouts, no one knows where the rightful king is. But until then, Celeborn has named himself king.

He has made a name for Razzle Frazz’s theater while in his reign due to the wonderful play gifted to him by Ashborne.

Prince Celeborn

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