Famous Theorist, Evil Wizard, All Ghost


Stondylus was a theorist wizard. His studies have been in arcane books around the world, describing different theories, including the month of Entropy theory.

He also created what he called the “Great Theory”

Over 30 years ago (back in 1174), while Delad was but a baby, Stondylus took the baby Delad into an old Sehanine temple to be branded. This arcane scar on his back represents the prophecy to be fulfilled.

After escaping the tower he worked in with Jayden not long ago (1207), he possesed Gbaja’s father, Thrull. Upon Thrull’s death, the spirit of Stondylus left his body near the Yalin Mountains.

Within that year he then possessed Emperor Rallis and began to take over the country of Kinsmet in order to search for artifacts of the Tabula Rasa period. While in that body he became friends with the heroes of the Portal. He claimed to learn Supernal from Master Janum but it turns out this is just another alias he has used in the past. He then left that body and possessed the dead body of Councilman Horatio Pashin.

He left Horatio to take over “The Locksmith,” an unknown human. He was able to hire a merc group to find one of the artifacts while stealing some money from an evil Overlord in Cush. He then claimed to be the father of Hulda and she embraced him to learn more. Now she is possessed by Stondylus who was last seen heading east after destroying the merc group.

Stondylus doesn’t know but he is technically the god, Vecna. He was left stranded on Erryes from the other “gods” before the time of Tabula Rasa. He was able to find a way to keep his life going in an astral projection (as a ghost). He’s slowly remembering who he is as “Vecna” the undead god and not as the scientist on the ship.

The Heroes of the Portal are able to kill Stondylus by trapping his soul in a gem.

Alias he’s used: Dyluck, Thrull, Emperor Rallis, Councilman Horatio Pashin, “The Locksmith,” Master Janum, Hulda, Vecna


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