Syldar Hallwinter



Syldar Hallwinter (“City Mouse”) is a kindhearted rock gnome male of nearly 70 years who holds a place of honor in the famous cavalry of the great city of Kartan. He is an agent of the The Baron’s Coalition.

Syldar met Gundren Rockseeker in Kartan and agreed to accompany him back to Phandalin. Syldar wants to investigate the fate of Iarno Albrek, a human wizard and fellow member of the Baron’s Coalition who disappeared shortly after arriving in Phandalin. Syldar hopes to learn what happened to Iarno, assist Gundren in reopening the old mine, and help restore Phandalin to a civilized center of wealth and prosperity.

HIs best friend was Mickmouse, his rat companion that grew to a large size after a horrible alchemy lab explosion. Though he has died recently to a goblin within Cragmaw Castle.

After the death of Neznarr Syldar is named mayor of Phandalin. He was able to create a hero’s statue for Keth in the town and he leads the town, now city, with dignity.

Syldar Hallwinter

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