The Black Spider

Neznarr Stro"Upe


Nezznar, also known as the “Black Spider”, was a drow who was in search of the Forge of Spells in Wave Echo Cave.

The drow promised a share to Iarno Albrek in exchange for his loyalty and aid. Nezznar was the true leader of the Redbrands, controlling them (as well as a tribe of goblins and bugbears called the Cragmaws) in the hopes of finding Wave Echo Cave and unlocking its secrets (while also keeping it a secret for himself). Nezznar had many spies reaching all the way to Kartan.

He was also, years ago, betrothed to Felicia Stro’Upe. There was stipulation that Felicia’s son was fathered by Neznarr as he tracked her down while she was with Lucien secretly.

Once meeting with the heroes he is killed by Felicia.

His journal and pen has been recently found by Ashborne Stro’Upe in the Underdark.

The Black Spider

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