Gbaja's father, chief of the orcs of Gruumsh


After the Great War (1202) with the dwarves in the mountains of Yatil, Thrull and his orcs retreated to the forests. They eventually joined forces with Stondylus and Thrull was desperate to gain more power from Gruumsh, so he let Stondylus possess him and he planned a sacrificial ritual to Gruumsh by killing the Unforgotten Brothers. His plans were foiled by the party and he was killed by his son, Gbaja.

His final words were, “Gruumsh lives! Stondylus lives! When one of us falls, the others grow stronger through the wizard’s power! His power leaves me now to embody the next Chosen One! They will be twice as strong as I was! That is the beauty of the wizard’s final experiment!”


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