Valin Ironfist

The Cousin


This dwarf cleric of Moradin wishes to help his cousins in Phandalin.

After the defeat of Neznarr, the cleric goes into business with his cousins, Nundro and Gundren Rockseeker, and helps with the new mines as he feels many have lost their lives and morales in those mines and takes it upon himself to oversee it.

With the decline of the mines he hopes to find better luck as an Inheritor of Razzle Frazz’s theater. Once he helps the theater get back on its feet and with the total debt being cleared by the known deceased Razzle Frazz, Valin decides to sell off the mines of Phandalin to his cousins and stays in Frostopolis to help the theater.

Valin Ironfist

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