Rogue Arcane Trickster


Originally a follower of Lolth and was under the care of The Black Spider. His 2 other siblings, Blendis and Vyerith, were all working as well. Vyerith was killed by Lucien Palantir in the Cragmaw Castle. After that, the changelings infiltrated the heroes. They killed Pip and posed as him to draw Keth out. They killed Keth and Vhalak was tasked to pose as the half-orc by using the Mirror of Lolth, a magic item to help shapechangers truly embody their prey.

After working with the heroes in disguise (and being influenced by Keth’s memories), Vhalak realized that Neznarr didn’t need to be the leader of their group. Once meeting with Neznarr and his sibling, Blendis, the drow calls for Vhalak’s aid. He at first helps his brother and says they can take over as rulers of the drow’s organization. Blendis says he has lost his mind and attempts to kill his brother. Vhalak is then dropped by Neznarr.

When the fight is over, Graybesh is able to heal the changeling. Vhalak is confronted and admits all he has done to the group. He asks to be tried and he is sentenced to prison for 20 years in Kartan. He does his time and tries to make a name for himself.

Now 40 years from their original meeting, he has met up with Razzle Frazz in Frostopolis to honor his friend’s final regards in restoring the story teller’s great theater. He does so and comes across the fabled Blue Hilt headquarters. At one point in the Inheritors adventures he poses his own death in order to throw people off thinking he is dead. This gives him the advantage to pose as Blue Hilt without anyone knowing who he is.


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