Exodus Knife of Nephelim

Exodus Knife


“The knife seems to have an identity crisis. The hilt is adorned with the finest of gnomish stones and jewels yet the blade is definitely made by the fires of the Halfling pits in the country of Cush. The good part about this knife is that it seems quite new, barely used, but the blade seems a bit short and thin to be used in combat.”

Exodus Knife
Level 12 Uncommon

Price: 13,000 gp
Wondrous Item
Power (Daily): Standard Action. When you use the exodus knife to trace a doorway onto a solid object, it opens a portal into an empty extradimensional space 4 squares wide, 4 squares high, and 4 squares long.

While the door is open, anyone can enter, see into, or affect the extradimensional space. Only creatures inside the space can open or close the door (a minor action). Once closed, the door becomes invisible to anyone outside the extradimensional space. Creatures on the inside of the closed door can see out, but those outside can’t see in. Creatures on one side of the closed door cannot affect creatures on the other side.
The extradimensional space lasts for 8 hours. Any creatures still in the space when the effect ends reappear in the closest unoccupied squares outside the door.


This knife houses Nephelim and his/her plane. The characters can visit him/her daily with the knife (or so they think).

Nephelim can’t leave the plane but the characters can. He/she was trapped inside by Sehanine.

Exodus Knife of Nephelim

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