Four Fables

Episode 205
The Blue Aurora

The group is approached by the City Sentinels and are able to get the flames under control. Ahmed Noke is taken to jail and Ardhorn is able to use the wand of true polymorph one last time on Finethir Shinebright before it explodes in his hands. Though the elven mage is no longer a sheep, it seems the magic malfunctioned and made him a tiefling with the magic now imbued into his own being (rather than being a wizard which he was before). Finethir doesn’t seem too troubled but is upset that his home is destroyed. Ardhorn offers the Theater to be his residence until his home is restored which the tiefling agrees to.

On the way home the group is ambushed by a Fallen Flock of Kenku sent by the Whispering Wind. They are able to fend them off but more begin to appear. Feeling trapped the group looks up into the sky and sees an airship descending to help the group. A drow woman yells to them to grab the rope ladder that is dropped in front of them. The group doesn’t hesitate and climbs aboard The Blue Aurora. Captain Mae offers them a drink and seems to be happy to make new friends. The Inheritors are grateful as she brings them back to their theater safely. The group offers her a lifelong pass to the Theater (in a boxed seat, none the less!) and she is happy to take it.

The next day the group begins to work on the theater once again. Finethir, who slept in the barn, had a horrible nightmare of a woman and her family being killed in that very barn by a horde of orcs.

A doorbell is established in the Theater and many people begin visiting them:

A tiefling ex-pit fighter by the name of Dammir from Urartu asks the group to put a show on at their theater. His troupe shows the Inheritors their act that seems to be actual pit fighters from Urartu and punches don’t seem to be pulled except final killing blows. A dozen fighters are promised to do some serious battles for the theater as a spectacle and they come to the agreement of a 30 percent cut for Dammir’s troupe and that they would need housing (The Inheritors all agreed to sleep out in the barn next week for their show) but they must bounce their own shows.

Dr. Important also comes to the door, upset about something. He explains to the group that a politician he is backing for the upcoming campaign on who becomes the new Warden of the Haven block went missing last night. Mehmen Khalid was last seen in the East ward by the warehouses along the east wall of the city. The gnome says if they find and save him before the vote tomorrow that it would be helpful for the gnome’s plans on helping Mehmen win. If he’s not there the vote could go south for his party. Before leaving Dr. Important also takes Standard Bearer to the side and says that the bomb inside his body that never went off years ago could still be activated in some way. He says what few warforged left in the world have escaped to Frostopolis to ask the gnome to remove the explosives inside them. He has a procedure that can do so and offers it to Stan, free of charge. The warforged thanks him and will consider it. As he leaves he realizes Dewey Raines is right outside the front door ready to surprise interview the gnome of the recent disappearance of Mehmen. The doctor slips out the back with the help of Standard Bearer.

During the day Vhalek goes to find his contact to get more info. His rumor broker is Peren who tells the rogue of the Whispering Wind backing one of the politicians, Bryn McGill, who is being voted for in the upcoming campaign for new Warden of the Haven block of Frostopolis (where the Theater is located). Bryn gave a strange gem to another politician, Mehmen Khalid, as a gift though Peren found out that the gem might be dangerous. Also he mentions that Vhalek’s ring is of importance. It’s tied to the fabled hero, Blue Hilt. It’s said to be created by the hero himself and the ring is a key to an important place or vault. It also has an untold prophecy tied to it and the owner of the ring.

Episode 204
The bed turned into a what now?

The characters went back to their theater to rest for a moment. While resting their old “friend” Vhalak finally visits them after a month of no contact. He explains to the group that he wants to help as he just visited Razzle Frazz about the inheritance (it seems he is an inheritor too). Felicia is a bit reluctant but they all agree. For the past month he’s been trying to bring down the Whispering Wind thieves guild it seems but to no avail.

Finethir Shinebright insists they leave that night to take down Ahmed. He explains that he’s been a prisoner in his own home for the past two years. Last night was the only time he felt true hope as Ahmed left his home and the sheep ran away with the scroll in his mouth.

The group goes to the wizard’s tower but are attacked in an alleyway by local vermin (swarms of insects and a carrion crawler) along with a side trek to an acquaintance of Rydian, a shady shop owner named Vinny. Things don’t go well with Vinny as they try to buy potions from him; Vhalak tries to steal something from him and is caught. They run away with Vinny steaming with anger.

That night they arrive at Finethir’s establishment, a large tree house. They try sneaking around but are confronted by large hyena’s and another yeti in the service of Ahmed. Ahmed joins the fight as well and many heroes are almost killed. Vhalak sneaks up on the evil mage and tries to stop him. Ahmed, using the wand of true polymorph, then turns his bed into a dragon with a carved wooden body, sheets for wings, and a pillow on the end of it’s tail and begins to ride the dragon in a last ditch effort to bring the inheritors down. He is, however, hit hard and loses consciousness and concentration on the polymorph spell. The bed reverts back and comes crashing down to the ground from the top of the tree house. Finethir comes towards the group with Ardhorn and pleads to have them save Ahmed from death. The heroes do so with the wand of true polymorph in Felicia’s hands.

Episode 203
Word Spreads Fast

Once the local fire mages come to help suppress the fire and lava a large group gathers around the old theater. The Inheritors are able to get out alive along with a bunch of the halfling and elven children that were locked away by the werewolves. Vhalak says he will contact the group when “it’s safe” (it seems his cover must continue for his current mission).

A familiar face emerges from the city streets as well. Shaking off the snow from his boots, a half elf, dressed in shody armor and a patchy beard with side burns, reveals to be Sir Reginald Alvar, along with him is his trusty steed, “Dharma,” the polar bear. He was hired to investigate the disturbance so sends a group of mages that are a part of the Frostopolis Sentinel Department (F.S.D.) to cast spells on the crime scene (Zone of Truth, Detect Magic, See Invisibility, Detect Thoughts, Detect Evil, Speak w/ Dead, etc.) He grills the party and is upset to see Felicia and Valin again in these circumstances. However, finding their story to be truthful, he helps the group and only lets up the fact that he is searching for the group the Whispering Wind who might be affiliated with the lycanthropes. He also verifies that their deed to the theater looks authentic and “welcomes” the group to the neighborhood with a grunt before leaving.

When the dust settles the group begins the long process of cleaning up the theater before heading to bed. While discovering the treasures left behind by the werewolves Ardhorn trips over a large construct in one of the storage rooms. He calls the group over and they figure out it’s an old Warforged unit that must have belonged to Razzle Frazz at one time. They are able to turn the inert construct on and find out his name is Standard Bearer. He agrees to help the group in restoring the theater to it’s original status.

The next day, early in the morning, while Standard Bearer (“Stan” for short) is trying to go through his old routine for the theater a knock on the door is heard. 3 kobolds, one combing a wig, one with plenty of pockets looking about and working on a wand, and the third who introduces himself to the construct as the charismatic Dewey Raines. He wants to find out what happened here yesterday to report on it for the Frostopolis Minstrel (a public news organization for the whole city). Once Dewey’s wig is on an interview is made with a wand and a strange, floating orb that records their every movement and word and Ardhorn gladly tells them everything that has happened to them and the theater in the past 20 years as well as last night. Other characters hear what’s happening outside and before they can interact with the lizard bards they are gone as quickly as they came. Ardhorn is scolded for being so forward to the Minstrel crew.

Stan and the others visit Razzle Frazz (of course, not before handling a random wizard’s awry spell going wrong and bringing a phase spider onto the crowded streets of the city) and he is glad to see Stan is alive and Felicia tells him in private that their son, Ashborne, is actually alive. Razzle Frazz wishes to meet him soon and she agrees. He rewards Felicia with a magical bow that he says once belonged to a single named dwarf by the name of Balderk. The dying bard is not happy though as the Minstrel has been a bit slanderous with Ardhorn’s words and painted the theater to be a dangerous place. The same kind of floating orb the kobolds have is also in Razzle Frazz’s room showing the report from Ardhorn; it seems the kobold’s report to the public travels fast in Frostopolis with this strange orb called a “Tenser’s Tableau” in many houses of upper class citizens of the city.

For the next month, the Inheritors begin to rebuild the theater:

Felicia is able to hire a gardener and a kitchen staff though is stressed in getting things done before the first opening night for them. She unfortunately acquires a taste for the addictive drug “True Myth” that plagues the city. Her habit is short lived but doesn’t leave her in good shape at the end of the month.

Ardhorn is able to work on the fountain in the theater and finds out it has a portal that goes somewhere else at the bottom of the well. He is able to spruce the fountain up for now and hires a grand carnival trapeze act for their first night and advertises for it well.

Cade is tasked with rebuilding many of the side rooms and the main auditorium (where the roof has caved in). He does so but unfortunately it leaves him a bit exhausted at the end of the month.

Valin is able to brew the finest Ale for the opening night and is able to mine out the lava rock from the basement. He is able to restore the lava vents successfully keeping the whole theater warm.

Standard Bearer is able to fix the front of the theater and able to clear out the random stray animals that have found residence in the barn that used to house the carnival animals of the theater. He also tries to get a crazy homeless man to stop living in the back alley of the theater. The human white haired old man rants and raves about “Dragons who once were little boys” and that he is “trapped in another plane not of his own.” Stan is able to get the old man to leave during show nights at least but he keeps coming back.

After a successful opening night of the Theater’s Reopening the Inheritors go to their favorite tavern to celebrate. While traveling through the market they are broadsided by a run-away sheep. In it’s mouth is a scroll of “Speak with Animals.” Ardhorn gets the hint and casts it on himself. The sheep is actually Finethir Shinebright, a local transmutation high elf wizard who owned a wand of True Polymorph which he used to work many wonders on behalf of local officials, nobles and merchants of Frostopolis. However, one fateful night 2 years ago he ended from his meditative trance to find his apprentice, Ahmed Noke, standing over him, clutching the wand. The elf didn’t realize it until it was too late but Ahmed had turned him into a sheep.

Before his story could continue, a half-orc, by the name of Guz, along with a couple of hellhounds and a cloaked large figure, came up to the Inheritors asking for their naughty sheep to be returned to them. Shinebright doesn’t wish to go with them and the party defends the sheep. The half-orc is quick to strike and a battle ensues; the cloaked figure is revealed to be a yeti and the party and the sheep are nearly defeated but they are able to kill their opponents. In the middle of the fight, as Felicia uses her new magical bow for the first time, a magic mouth spell goes off from the bow. Razzle Frazz’s voice is heard through the carving of the dwarf’s head on the bow’s handle saying: “Pfft, haha! Fooled you, Felicia! This bow’s cursed with an evil spirit, that’s what you get for leaving me in Phandelver. Now we’re even!” It seems the bow has cursed Felicia with vengeance on any person who strikes her. A dwarf voice echoes in her head saying, “The Sleeper One will not let me rest until I have vengeance!”

Episode 202
This room's too hot to handle

The group hears a knock at the door downstairs before continuing down the upstairs hall. They open it to reveal a half drow by the name of Ashborne Stro’Upe, son of Felicia. He came to see the great theater and was surprised to find his mother so quickly in the large city. The drow mother, a bit upset, decides to let him tag along behind her. They partially explain what is going on, however a part of the half drow believes it to be a very well staged play until the werewolves begin to attack the group upstairs.

They vanquish the upstairs werewolves and find some loot upstairs, along with props and costumes from past shows. They rest in the bar on the first floor and Vhalak goes outside to search around the city for a bit. He comes back and the whole group goes down the bar’s trapdoor they found earlier. Entering it, Vhalak locks it behind them for safety sake. They come across a very cluttered basement and jail cells at the end of the room filled with halfling and elf children who have been kidnapped. The children are scared and before the heroes can get any info. from them a voice in the darkness doesn’t seem happy they are there. An invisible werewolf mage begins to cast spells on the party, causing Cade to become a werewolf and attack their friends.

The party is able to get Cade to come back to his senses but some believe he has changed sides permanently so they attack him. In the midst of the confusion a large fireball spell from the werewolf destroys much of the crates in the basement and causing the liquid hot magma pouring from the underground through tubes to come bursting out into the room. To make matters worst, Vhalak reveals himself to be Blendis, the brother that was captured long ago by the heroes and held The Black Spider in high regards. He swore vengeance on Felicia for killing Neznarr and almost kills the drow but Rydian stops the killing blow on the drow and drops Blendis.

The werewolf mage tries to escape the room as it begins to fill up with lava but is stopped by the heroes and killed in the process. His dying words were, “My dad won’t like this one bit…” The heroes burst the trap door open and are able to save most of the children as they find that many of the cells have been opened already during the fight. Blendis’ body is enveloped in lava. And as they escape the basement the child who opened the cells steps forward and a familiar twinkle can be found in his eye for Felicia and Valin…

Episode 201
The Last Will and Testament of Razzle Frazz

The children, some new, some old, gather around Razzle Frazz once again at his tree home to hear his 2nd favorite story. Razzle Frazz prepares the children, “40 years have passed since the Mines of Phandelver became quiet with no more monsters and full of sounds of metal striking stone and forges rekindling. We bring our focus now to a sprawling city of magic and wonder:”

Frostopolis: A sprawling city with a heart as cold as the winter months can be located in the country of Lykovia. Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here! With the snow falling earlier this year, 1219, some believe it to be due in part to the lasting weather afflictions of last year’s month of Entropy. After the Sibling War ended 10 years ago thanks to the Heroes of the Portal, the country side of Frosthaven needed financial help from the country they used to have allegiance to: Lykovia. Prince Celeborn (now king of Frostopolis) was able to acquire help from the various elven nations of Lykovia to establish themselves as their own city. Though it is a part of Lykovia, some consider it still to be its own country because of how large the city is (10 times the size as New York City).

One reason it became the largest city in the world was because the great storyteller, Razzle Frazz, made it his home about 20 years after the mines of Phandelver. His home grew as the city began to flourish from the village of Frosthaven; he waited out the Sibling War (and somehow survived) and continued to thrive as the skyscrapering towers sprang up around the storyteller in the ten years it became a city. What made this city spring up over night was the art of magic: Lykovian elves used magic to create this city. Now magic has become very common in the city of Frostopolis, a tourist can be spotted quickly with the art of magic not at their fingertips or magic items on hand.

But one thing the tourists did know was: Razzle Frazz’s Great Theater. The story teller created the finest Arts and Music Theater the world of Erryes has ever known. And there it flourished for many years. But less and less acts came through town and less and less art galleries were open to the public and Razzle Frazz’s cheerful face was seen less and less as the years went by. Many believed he died as his greatest achievement was boarded up and left to squatters.

Suddenly, in 1219, a letter was sent to the Inheritors from Razzle Frazz himself. He’s dying, he says, and wishes to pass on his legacy to them all in some fashion. They have been summoned to his home to hear his Last Will and Testament.

The group of Inheritors arrived at his small estate, inside the storyteller’s bedroom: Ardhorn Trickfoot, Rydian, Cade Derebont, Valin Ironfist, Vhalak, and Felicia Stro’Upe.

The walls are adorned in this intricate and brightly colored large room with the finest paintings and instruments you have ever seen. The room looks cluttered to a non-artist, but the trained eye can spot art work and instruments from cultures only rumored about.

The man who summoned them here lies in bed: Deathly pale and frail, you figure both of your hands could wrap around his waist with ease, though fear of hurting him in the process keeps you from trying your hypothesis.

A weak smile streaks his face as he looks to the Inheritors. Another small man, a rock gnome by the name of Dr. Important, is in the room at the storyteller’s desk. He frantically looks at all the papers on the desk with his beady green eyes and wipes the sweat from his balding head accidentally using crucial papers to do so. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge the group as they enter, one by one.

After introductions are made, Dr. Important makes sure everyone is there. Razzle Frazz asks Felicia about their son, Ashborne Stro’Upe, but she claims he died not long ago. Leaving it at that the gnome begins reading quickly through the legal mumbo jumbo and Razzle Frazz proceeds to mage hand the papers from him and scolds the gnome for being too confusing. “Basically,” Razzle Frazz regains his composure, “You are all now equal parts owner and inheritors of my beloved Theater. All I ask is that you help in getting it back into working order. It has seen better days-”

Dr. Important interrupts him, “You’re telling me! That place is a dump: Squatters, malfunctioning magic items, dilapidated walls, unheard of animals roaming the halls. The list goes on and on. I’ve used all my political sway not to have it reclaimed by the city. You know that thing could fall at any moment and Prince Celeborn-I mean ‘KING’ Celeborn is a hard man to convince and-”

Razzle Frazz casts silence on the gnome. “Sorry, he talks too much. As you see this Theater needs to see its glory days again if we want it to be successful once again. So, what do you say? Fulfill a dying man’s last wish? Please?”

The group agrees, each receiving a copy of the will and Felicia receives the only magical key to get in and out of the Theater.

After traveling to the run down theater they find that it’s been taken over by a group who made it into a legit casino. The group looks around and begins conversing with the “owner” as he attempts to get the building title from upstairs. However, in the process, the patrons’ patience grows thin as one of the casino attendees morphs into a wererat and bites Ardhorn. A fight ensues as all the patrons there morph into wererats. The inheritors win but Ardhorn and Rydian are infected with the curse of lycanthrope.

The group finds a trap door going to the basement and find a few werewolves and some winter wolves upstairs ready to fight. After vanquishing them the group debates which way to go.

Episode 111
Betrayal and the Passage of Time

The group makes the decision to search further south. They then hear a group of hobgoblins and an ogre to the south. Felicia scouts ahead and finds that Glasstaff is lost with his group in the caves. The mage goes to relieve himself where the party is and the heroes spring an ambush on him. Silencing him and capturing him Lucien takes the opportunity to disguise himself with his powers to look like Glasstaff and to tell the hobgoblins he’s ok and needs a few minutes more. Lucien returns to interrogate him. Glasstaff admits all he knows in fear of Lucien and Lucien takes his staff. An audible, dark voice (the same entity that gives Lucien his warlock powers) announces that he has given Glasstaff to him for his revenge. Lucien, without many of the other’s seeing, attacks the bounded mage with a knife even though the others begged him not to kill him and instead arrest him. The others try to stop him but fail to do so as he blasts him with an eldritch blast, evaporating Iarno.

The Sleeper One says, “Your revenge is complete, but your anger must remain while under my care. The only way to do so is leave a reminder to you for the rest of your life. And what better way to do so than to see the face you hate most, each and everyday, for eternity. You will thank me as your power grows.” Lucien tries to revert back to his normal face but only remains as Iarno Albrek (Glasstaff). He shouts in anger and Felicia doesn’t know how to comfort him.

The rest of the group discovers the rest of the cave while Lucien tries his best to revert back to his true face. The ogre and hobgoblins are taken care of and they find the actual Forge of Spells though it was protected by a spectator monster. They are able to trick the monster to leave thinking it’s duty of protecting the Forge is done after many centuries of guarding it. They fight a wraith as well in another room and are able to get a few special magical items to help in their fight, including using the Forge to temporarily make their weapons magical for a few hours.

They continue northwest and fight a few bugbears near an underground stream. A drow with the bugbears escapes the fight to tell his master. The rest of the group follows in pursuit. They come to an empty room and find an unconscious dwarf on the ground. Before waking the dwarf they are attacked by large spiders. The Black Spider himself, Neznarr, comes out of hiding to attack. Though the party tries to parlay it seems ineffective as Felicia comes into the room and a look of complete anger comes across her face as she sees the drow. She begins to fight him and the rest follow suit. Many of the other party members are attacked by an ambush of goblins coming from the south while Cadwyn, Graybesh, Felicia, and Keth fight the drow wizard and his spiders.

Neznarr asks to see the baby Felicia has as he thinks it’s his. She denies it and Lucien is quiet to hear this. He also says he has been keeping tabs on the heroes and calls out for help from Vhalak. The unconscious dwarf gets up and attacks Graybesh, leveling him. He reverts into a changeling and says, “Vhalak is my brother, my name is Blendis.” The fight continues with Keth looking distraught throughout the whole fight. At one point Blendis becomes engulfed in flames and the half-orc helps put the fire out and tries to whisper something to him. Blendis becomes enraged and fights Keth at that moment. Confused, the party sees that Keth is not who he says he is. It is revealed that he is a changeling too named Vhalak who has been with the party for a few days now. But Vhalak doesn’t take Neznarr’s side and Blendis claims he has betrayed them. Vhalak tries to take on Neznarr but is dropped by his spells. The rest of the party is able to kill the spiders, knock out Blendis and Felicia knocks an arrow and says to Neznarr, “The child is not yours!” and with that she puts an arrow through his head, killing him instantly.

With the mines clear and the fight with Neznarr over the heroes find Nundro tied up in a different room and are able to save him. Graybesh revives the changeling, Vhalak, and they interrogate him. He admits everything: the changelings infiltrated the heroes. back in Phandalin a few days ago. They killed Pip and posed as him to draw Keth out. They killed Keth and Vhalak was tasked to pose as the half-orc by using the Mirror of Lolth," a magic item to help shapechangers truly embody their prey.

However, after working with the heroes in disguise (and having a part of Keth affect his own memory), Vhalak realized that Neznarr didn’t need to be the leader of their group. He tried to convince his brother during the skirmish but Blendis says he has lost his mind and has betrayed the Black Spider. Blendis wakes up and continues to berate his brother but Vhalak remains silent.

Felicia, finding that Lucien is still very angry with what his face has become, realizes that neither man was good enough for her. She looks at the half-elf warlock and says, “We are through. Even if he is your son, I don’t want you to ever see him. Goodbye, forever, Lucien.” And with that the drow woman leaves the cave.

The heroes, few remaining now, return back to Phandalin to claim their reward from Gundren.

As Razzle Frazz wraps up the end of his story the children around him in the swamp by his home seem eager to hear what happens next. The old man finishes, "Well children, that’s how our heroes started adventuring, you see. They found the gumption to seek out their own adventures and stories. It was many years later when I met with Graybesh that he taught me the importance of those stories, the ones I tell you, of course. What happened to that dragonborn, you ask? Ah, yes, let’s see, he used his earnings from the mine to pay off Davish, the man who had a bounty out for him, I heard.

Ramas and Sir Cadwyn used their earnings to resurrect their town of Thundertree, bringing it back to life and getting the refugees of the village back there with the help of Reidoth.

With the mine cleared out, Gundren, Nundro and Valin were able to go into business together. Valin felt many have lost their lives and morals in the mine (including himself) so he felt he must oversee it so that good might prevail from those mines.

Syldar was able to relay the information of his adventures to the Baron’s coalition and he rose in the ranks as the official mayor of Phandalin. His first order of business was to find Pip and Keth’s body and give them a proper hero’s burial which was made in Keth’s honor, including a statue of him with Flip and Pip, protecting the now large city of Phandalin. The gnome prays that the Whispering Wind thieves guild will no longer bother him or his dear friends.

Syldar and Valin feel that Vhalak and Blendis must be punished for what they did. Vhalak agrees (but not Blendis) as he came out completely changed with the events that happened in the past week and so they are both tried in Kartan and found guilty of murder, theft, terrorism, etc. and were put in prison for the rest of their lives. However with key character witnesses such as Syldar, Cadwyn, Valin, Graybesh, and Ramas, at the trial they are able to reduce Vhalak’s sentence to 20 years in prison. Vhalak accepts and does his time quietly and obediently and emerges as a new man, changed by the system (hopefully for the better). Blendis, however, remained in prison, vowing vengeance upon the heroes.

Which brings me to Lucien and Felicia," Razzle Frazz continues, ‘this new face for Lucien was not something that was easy to get used to. Even though the arrow scar from Felicia remained, he couldn’t change his face back to what it used to be. After that day Lucien didn’t see her again for 40 years. He never met his son, Ashborne Stro’Upe, at least, not until much later…

It didn’t seem right for Lucien to use that name anymore when he went adventuring afterward. The name was too heavy and it had too many dark tones to it. He needed something new and poppy. After all, he was heading out on more grand adventures. So the name Razzle Frazz came to him in a dream. I remember it so vividly: boys and girls, men and women, elf and goblin, they gathered to hear my stories. I realized, then, I needed a stage, a place to tell others of the stories Graybesh left with me. That’s why I built my theater in Frosthaven, later named Frostopolis. And, you know that story, of course: the theater grew into the largest show the world has ever known. The best entertainment the world of Erryes has ever seen for many years to come."

One boy in the group of children asks, “What happened to that theater, Razzle Frazz?”

The old man winks at him with his scarred eye from the drow’s arrow, "I could tell you that one next, it’s a good one! But I realized I should just skip to the good parts, when Razzle Frazz’s theater was dying. Which brings me to my second favorite story: “The Last Will and Testament of Razzle Frazz.”


Episode 110
Sir Reginald Alvar the Lionhearted

The group continues to search the rest of the cave fighting stirges, skeletons, poisonous fungi, and the three stooges of bugbears. One bugbear ran away and caused an avalanche of rocks to block a northern passage for the crew.

While traveling through the cave, a young half elf green knight, Reginald Alvar, came to find the group. He is in search of Pip, who has gone missing for the past few days. He was last seen with Keth but they went their separate ways after playing child games together in an old warehouse in town the last time the party was there. The knight was hired by Phandalin to find Pip. He heard that Gundren Rockseeker knew where the party was so the dwarf showed the paladin how to get there so as to keep his cave secret and safe (also he wanted to see how their job was going).

After interrogating the group, Keth offers to go and help find Pip but Reginald declines. He finds that even though a few people in Phandalin don’t like the party, a majority do and Reginald finds no need to continue his investigation with the party finding their intentions to be good and true. He leaves with Gundren to get back to Phandalin and asks the group to find him when they get back to town in hopes of helping him find the boy. As the knight leaves, Dharma (his polar bear companion) begins to sniff the half-orc and growls at him. The party shoo’s them away and they are able to to get back to their explorations.

Continuing northeast the group finds the source of the echoing booms: a cliff that looks down onto choppy waves of what appears to be an underground lake. They all then begin to see an image of an old man in the water, similar to what Valin saw back at the Hideout of the Redbands. This time an audible sound comes from the old human’s mouth: “Hurry, get to the end of the story, quickly!” He then vanishes into the water…weird.

Episode 109
Wave Echo Cave

The party looted the necromancer and only found that the old well had been dried up and a recent, purposeful, landslide had destroyed the insides of it. With some new magical items in possession, the group heads to Wave Echo Cave in order to clear it out for Gundren.

The group finds the remains of Tharden, one of Gundren’s brothers, in the first large room of the mine. They continue to the Northeast, following the sounds of pounding waves deeper inside. They fight ghouls and oozes as they explore the once claimed mines of the ancient dwarves. They chase some ghouls and come across a large furnace (now cold and dormant) and begin to battle a green flaming, floating skull who proceeds to reign fire upon the party continuously. Luckily, with the help of Tharden’s boots, Valin is able to fight and defeat the floating evil entity by pouncing upon him. However, the affects of the turned undead spell are starting to fade as fleeing zombies begin to shamble towards the heroes!

Episode 108

The “heroes” interrogated the drow woman who was quite cordial. Though the heroes were not as nice. She gave information to them: that she worked for the Black Spider, he was a drow, and that he wished to be the only one with the information where Wave Echo Cave was. She admitted that she was wrong and wished to be taken into custody for her wrongdoing and to be put before court in Kartan. Though the others (specifically Keth, Valin, Lucien, and Sir Cadwyn) did not respect her wishes and Lucien proceeded to beat her to death. Sir Cadwyn and Valin seemed to be affected the most by this according to their faith and tenants, with Cadwyn losing some of his paladin powers in the process. Upon the drow’s death, they find that she is actually a doppleganger, who morphs back into her original form. So the characters are still questioning if what the doppleganger said was true.

The group is able to revive Gundren using the Revify scroll they found in the castle and they return him to Phandalin. After some private, alone time that each hero was able to have that afternoon and some buying and selling at the shop they meet back up at the inn. Felicia and Lucien find new evidence that Iarno Albrek and Glasstaff are one in the same. The characters put it to a vote to help out a few different problems in the Northeast before heading to Wave Echo Cave in hopes to get more firepower and/or allies to help their cause in Wave Echo Cave.

After 2 days of travel and some goblins and displacer beasts to deal with, the group arrives in the abandoned town of Conyberry. They travel a few miles north to appease a banshee’s spirit by giving a family heirloom back to her. Cadwyn was asked by Sister Garaele to get information from a dead elf woman named Agatha, a spellbook specifically that she only knew the whereabouts to. The characters help Agatha the ghost and she grants them an answer to one question. Cadwyn, without thinking, asked for guidance for his character instead of asking for the specific job they were tasked to do. He is happy with the response and receives his powers back but unfortunately the spellbook is lost to time and history.

Afterward the group travels a few miles south of Conyberry to check on the Old Owl Well where rumor has it that prospectors are being chased by undead away from the ancient landmark. The group finds the zombies by the ruins of the well along with the necromancer who was controlling them. Without giving the wizard a chance to talk, Valin immediately attacks them. They kill the wizard and the zombies are turned and/or destroyed within the fight.

Episode 107
A Knight Lost in Time

The story’s heroes went to find Ramas who is found in the town center by a statue. He raises his necklace and puts it on the stone statue. The stone crumbles away as a human paladin of Erathis steps from the rubble. Confused on where he is and what happened, Sir Cadwyn Ferrimon is told by Ramas and his friends (who join him) that he has been encased in that statue since Mount Pinray erupted roughly 20 years ago. Sir Cadwyn explains he was saving the village by evacuating the villagers when a massive wave of lava enveloped most of the village, including him. His body was found and made into a statue by the remaining villagers before they fully evacuated the village back then (in remembrance of his bravery). It seems the goddess Erathis has saved him and has a purpose with him with Ramas: to rebuild the former glory of their village, Thundertree (as Ramas reveals this is where he was born). It turns out the necklace is a prayer bead of Erathis (Ramas Sr.’s deity he prayed to and gave this necklace to Ramas Jr. before he died).

Favric tries to get the party’s help in talking to the green dragon in town but Cadwyn and Syldar recognize his crooked lies and threaten the cultists. Favric, finding this to be futile, calmly takes his leave from the party without a fight.

With the party reunited they travel into Kartan woods to find Cragmaw Castle (leaving their wagon and oxen outside of the woods). After some careful planning they enter the crumbling fort from the back door and begin to wipe out the goblins, hobgoblins, and other monsters inside. King Grol, the bugbear leader, and a drow he was talking with try to take the party on. MIckmouse (Syldar’s companion) is slain and Syldar goes on a rampage. Sure enough, Gundren Rockseeker is with the bugbear and is threatened throughout the fight. Once the bugbear dies, the drow grabs a scroll on the table and kills Gundren while trying to escape. Her escapes are futile though as the group is able to knock her out and tie her up. The group clears out the rest of the castle from a very angry owlbear and finally the castle is quiet.


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