Four Fables

Episode 215
Blue Hilt's Domain

The heroes go to the testing of Sir Cade. Favric meets them in his barracks within the castle walls of the North Ward. The first test is to open a sentient magical chest; he is able to reason with it (after a couple of hits and apologies to the box) and open it’s contents. The 2nd test is to take on a nimble royal guard by the name of Silwinda. With proper strategy and well placed spells, he is able to make her yield in the fighting pit. The final test is to protect a guard posing as the king and escape with her. Men surround Cade and the “king” but he is able to strike most of them down and makes his way towards the exit. Favric steps up in the combat as well and is upset to see that Cade just left his charge by herself and puts his magic glaive to her neck saying, “The test is over, you failed.” Cade is discouraged and says he should have stayed with the person he was supposed to protect. Favric is happy that he learned something in this and encourages the young Grayguard to try out for the royal guard in a few months time.

During these tests Ash begins to figure out (through magical means) who this Favric is to everyone and thinks that this man once took advantage of his mother. Felicia mistakes him for an ex bandit of the Redbrands and calls him out. Favric is confused but thinks they know him for being a member of the cult of the dragon god, Tiamat. (refer to Episode 106) He explains he did his time in jail for his crimes and that King Celeborn gave him another chance at military life and he rose to the rank he is now commanding in the royal guard. He understands their frustration and agrees to give them a chance to talk to the King in 1 week’s time. Favric also gives Cade his magical glaive in hopes that he can return it to Favric in a few months as an official royal guard.

The group, satisfied, begin to follow Ryo to where Blue Hilt is. While traveling, though, they are ambushed by two snipers from house windows, laying Felicia and Vhalak out. They attempt to chase the two gith but they escape through the city streets. Rhydian realizes the poisoned bolts are from mercenary assassins for the Whispering Wind. Once they rest for a bit the group continues to the sewers.

They arrive at a secret entrance to Blue Hilt’s headquarters and after a few challenging traps, lessons learned from quotes of the famous Blue Hilt, and an attack from a couple of beholders from the Underdark (called “Death Kiss’”) they arrive at the main hall of the greatest hero Lykovia has ever known. They begin to search the great headquarters and find strange water basins labeled with names and places. They also come across Blue Hilt’s fabled armor, cloak, gloves, and rapier. Some try to grab the items but are thrown back by force magic. Ardhorn thinks maybe Ryo is Bluehilt so that he can grab the items but the old man denies it and points to Vhalak’s ring, exclaiming, “But you have his ring, it must be you!” Vhalak, hesitantly grabs the sword and is immediately attuned to it. He considers putting on the non-magical armor and clothes but remembers that the sight of Blue Hilt might paint a bulls eye on his back to all criminal organizations within Frostopolis. So he stows it away for now. They also find the supposed coffin of Blue Hilt hidden in the water behind the items they got. After a magic trap of ice hurts Felicia for opening the coffin her findings show no body or bones within. The group continues to explore the establishment of the “dead” Blue Hilt while taking a breather.

Episode 214

Dammir, boss of the pit fighter troupe, comes on stage for the finale along with a very large wooden crate. He explains, ’We have traveled the world of Erryes far and wide and have found the most superb predator in our most recent visit to Kinsmet. But the only way to truly show their fighting prowess is to let them go all out. Thankfully, we live in a city where their death means nothing to the law and sentience is not applicable here. I present to you the angry and abusive Warforged Titan!" Three warforged step out of the now open crate along with a massive Warforged covered in spikes. The four enter the ring to do battle to death. Many in the audience are excited for the battle but some are appalled. Standard communicates to the group that spectacle must be stopped so Vhalak tries to confront Dammir.

Up until this point, Mae has been enjoying the show sitting with Ashborne. The heroes, realizing they must stop this fight begin to make their way down to the main stage (Ashborne is able to sneak a kiss to the drow before hand, of course) but they are stopped by what appears to be a drow woman who drops from the rafters onto the private box they are in. She is dressed as the fabled Blue Hilt and takes her sword out and proceeds to attack Mae.

A battle ensues both on stage with most of the inheritors and some in the private box protecting the Captain. They are able to vanquish what appears to be a Yochlol (a monster from the Underdark) who was posing as Blue Hilt. Dammir also reveals himself to be an evil cambion who attacks the party along with some of his troupe and the warforged beserkers. They vanquish the cambion and the smaller warforged exclaim they are free while the larger one asks the inheritors if they can heal his master. With the fight over (and the theater cleared out) they refuse or lie that he is already dead until he vanishes in a cloud of ash. The titan looks angry at them and proceeds to blow up in their face using his bomb from within; many are hurt but none are killed. It turns out the warforged were sold like slaves to Dammir and there were many more before those 4 but they all slowly were killed throughout the shows for Dammir’s profit. If they ever tried to escape Dammir would command them to blow themselves up with his magic. With the crisis averted the theater was still able to make a great night out of this with minimal death and damage. The rest of the troupe ran from the theater when the warforged first started fighting and Ardhorn is able to spin a good angle to Dewey in all of this to the Quotidian Minstrel. Dr. Important (also at the show) says he can help the smaller warforged out if Standard wants, getting rid of the bombs from within them. He agrees and the warforged become new employees (sentries) for the theater. The gnome exclaims that one of his first duties as Warden will be to create a better society in Frostopolis that is free from racism towards the warforged.

That night, most of the Inheritors go to bed tired but thankful for a rewarding night. Ashborne walks Mae home to her ship in the airship port. She asks him to come up for some coffee and spends the night there. Vhalak goes to a secret meet up with Reginald Alvar. The half-elf explains to Vhalak that he believes his sentinels have been secretly infiltrated by the Whispering Wind thieves guild. Most of the new recruits (who hail from Kartan in Cush) call out sick on a specific day of the month, each month, and the Sentinel death count has gone up significantly in the past few months since they have been here. King Celeborn won’t let Reginald start this investigation so he asks Vhalak to find out more but will deny any involvement if they are caught. Vhalak agrees and Reginald gives a list of names (some of them are the same as those who beat and stole from the party earlier that week) and where their patrol routes go but that this schedule won’t happen for another 3 weeks so as not to draw attention to the W.W. since they get their upcoming patrol routes pretty far in advance. Vhalak returns to the theater to rest promising any news to Reginald when he can.

That night, Valin is visited by the old beggar who constantly tries to get food in the theater’s kitchen throughout the past few weeks. Before Valin can get rid of him, the human claims he remembers the dwarf. He also recalls the fact that the mines of Phandelver have dried up due to the ramifications of the Heroes of the Portal closing many portals over 10 years ago. Valin realizes who he is, he vaguely remembers an old man trapped underwater at the cistern in the Redbrand thieves guild (refer to Episode 104). Realizing there is more to this old man, Valin invites him for a late supper in the kitchen. There he finds that the old man remembers his name for the first time: Ryosuke. He is easily confused but when giving important info. (like saying he knows where to find the real “Blue Hilt”) he says it feels like someone is putting these thoughts into his brain each time he talks. Valin lets the old man stay the night.

The next day the group is surprised to find Ryosuke in the kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone. It’s the best food they have ever had and when asked where he figured this out he says, ‘I remember being in The Temple of Hand Foot and Mind where I was the cook and the master there.’ The group offers him a job as their chef and he agrees only if they let him take them to where Blue Hilt is as he feels it’s important for him to do so for some reason. The group decides to head out first to Cade’s tryouts for the royal guard position then go to the sewers of Frostopolis to find Blue Hilt.

“How did the old man know where Blue Hilt was?” Snot runs down one of the children listening to the riveting story of Razzle Frazz but asks the question anyway; all the children were interested too.

Razzle Frazz looks surprised, “What old man are you talking about?”

The boy continues, “You know, Ryosuke. Who is he?”

Razzle Frazz becomes annoyed and continues to deny that and says, “You’re getting the story wrong, it wasn’t some old man, I said it was Valin and Vhalak who figured out how to find where Blue Hilt was.”

The boy continues to correct him and eventually the old man smacks the boy across the face in anger. Everyone is shocked and Razzle Frazz says as patiently as he can with a shaky voice, “Let’s go find your mother.” Razzle Frazz takes the crying boy by the hand and leasd him to their village. The rest of the children go home, a bit scared but still want to find out the rest of the story. The odd thing is, after that day, the snot-nosed boy was never seen again…

Episode 213
What Could Go Wrong?

“What about Ashborne and Standard Bearer? What happened to them those two days when they got back from the Underdark?” One impatient girl in front of the old Razzle Frazz asks. The children have gathered once again to hear the old man’s stories. “Oh right!” the bard exclaims, “I almost forgot.”

The half-drow escapes to his room with the quill and book in hand once drying off and changing his clothes from being in too much water for one day. He begins to pour into the book finding the original author was Neznarr. This book has been lost to time for over 40 years. It seems the drow was a wizard as Ash finds various magical notations within it, maybe for when his spell book was out of reach. Various scribbles of day to day life is littered throughout this very full book. Ash also finds quotes from his favorite novelist, Merriweather Wilfred O’Doyle inside. It seems that the Black Spider was also a budding artist. Sketches of family and friends are made throughout it. One is of 3 changelings, 1 Ash recognizes to be Blendis and the other as Vhalak. Near the back of the book is many sketches of Felicia, in loving admiration. Ash notices that some pages throughout the book seem to be magically held together; he fears pulling at these old bindings may destroy the book so he decides to stop.

After reading as much as he can of the book, and coming to the conclusion that he feels he is truly Neznarr’s son, Ash falls asleep. But not for long as the Quill begins to talk to him. They begin a friendship together as it turns out that “Quill” is a protector of Neznarr’s family and has come to the conclusion that Ash is the child of the Black Spider. He tells him that, “Neznarr’s only child will exact the revenge of his death if it were to happen to the person who killed him (in this case, Felicia).”

The next day Razzle Frazz and Ashborne meet for the first time before the other Inheritors meet up with him and spring his security system. The old mage explains that Felicia is foolish for not telling Ash who he is and explains that he is his true father though, at this point, Ash doesn’t believe it. He also tells of what happened to Neznarr and how they killed him and how Felicia took the final arrow to the drow wizard. Ash goes home after the ruckus has been taken care of in silence.

Meanwhile Standard Bearer is summoned to Dr. Important’s mansion to remove the bomb in his chest. He does so and explains that he will be able to improve Stan as well though he will have to power him down for a few hours. Stan agrees and afterward the gnome gloats of his winnings as the new Warden of the Haven Ward. Stan congratulates him and goes home.

When the Inheritors get together the next day Ash is not speaking to his mother; she prepares for the 2nd day of the big show encouraging the others to advertise like heck. They go to the bank to do some money exchanging and all of a sudden a pair of succubi break into the bank to rob it along with a charmed dragonborn gladiator named Lootzor. The heroes stop them (though the fiends escape) and are thanked by the bank tellers. Lootzor runs away and thanks the heroes with some healing potions in a way of saying sorry. After the Sentinels get there the heroes continue on their way to advertise.

They arrive at the Quotidian Minstrel studio where Dewey Raines works. They get his help for advertising for tonight’s show in exchange for some money and an exclusive interview with Finethir Shinebright about his home being destroyed. They interview him with a studio filled audience and it’s broadcast across Frostopolis on all the E.V.A.‘s and there they drop the surprise of having Ahmed (Finethir’s old apprentice who turned him into what he is today) in shackles appear for an interview as well. Finethir does his best not to get angry and the interview is quick with Ahmed claiming to be the victim. Dewey is glad about the good ratings and thanks the two mages for their time; Ahmed is escorted back to prison. The adventurers go home to prepare for that night’s performance.

Once back, Felicia explains that she was able to find out that many important figures from all over Frostopolis will be there tonight but also that there may be an assassin who is out to kill one of those VIPs; rumors in various thieves guilds say so. The inheritors are tasked to keep the night going smoothly without the audience knowing and protect any VIPs tonight without them knowing. They do so throughout the night by stopping scalpers, preventing people from sneaking in, getting rid of pesky ghosts who want a free show, fixing roof leaks, getting rid of a familiar man that also bears the same resemblance to the person who gave power to those monsters down in the Underdark who almost took over the theater (turns out Favric now leads the retinue of King Celeborn’s private guard and wants Cade to apply for the job to be a part of it too), giving interviews, helping the gladiator performers get ready, feeding the crazy old beggar that frequents their kitchen, kicking out pickpockets, and helping VIPs to their special seats without problems (people like Mae , Razzle Frazz, Dr. Important, and Tustegar Grayfeet).

They finish their work without the crowd knowing any the wiser and the show goes without a hitch. Now, for the show’s finale that the gladiator’s were excited about…

Episode 212
Slanted Sentinels

Rewarded with surviving the battle and being given jewels from the dream woman the group awakens in the present day of the dilapidated barn. Waking with severe headaches they are all almost attacked by small brains with feet and claws by their bedrolls. They scramble to their feet finding monsters and a mindflayer who seems to have put them in their dreaming trance. The mindflayer decides to take advantage of the hurt heroes and begins an assault on them. Rhydian’s brain is almost sucked out of his head but they kill the mindflayer and it’s minions before it’s too late. They are able to clean up the disgusting monster bodies afterward hopefully putting to rest the bad dreams that “haunted” this barn; they also find the gems the dream woman wanted them to have hidden in the barn where she had shown them where it was.

They take a moment to recollect their thoughts and bandage their wounds inside the theater. Workers are busy getting ready for tonight’s show. The traveling troupe led by Dammir at first is happy with how things are going, however that night their show has very low attendance. Dammir demands better attendance or they will leave early taking what they have made without paying the theater. Cade and Felicia do their best to calm down the troupe and guarantee the next night will be much better.

Standard and Ashborne go missing during the day and most of the group find out that the warforged was taken by a carriage (willingly) and Ashborne was asked to visit Razzle Frazz. Felicia, not happy about that, goes to find her son along with most of the Inheritors. They arrive at the storyteller’s home and wish to talk to the old man, however Hans denies them saying that he is with Master Ashborne now and was asked not to be disturbed. Felicia, now very agitated, tries to break into the master bedroom upstairs but it is blocked with a few spells. She then goes to the outside window of his room and tries to shoot an arrow through the window to get their attention. But Razzle Frazz’s alarm and security system go off: Flying swords, walking armored suits, and smothering rugs begin to attack the heroes. Eventually they are strong-armed by the system and Ardhorn doesn’t appreciate how he is being treated and continues his attack on constructs. Eventually Ashborne comes downstairs and Razzle Frazz casts Time Stop, goes outside in a flash, and throws a lightning bolt at Ardhorn for not obeying the Sentinels commands to submit. He is dropped unconscious and the heroes are arrested onsite (the halfling is stabilized in the process).

Hours beforehand, Vhalak goes to get more info. on why they were attacked by a Mindflayer. His info. broker, Peren, doesn’t know why either. Before getting more info. though, Peren and his cronies are arrested by the Sentinels but Vhalak gets out of there without being seen. He assumes the form of a sentinel and arrives at Razzle Frazz’s estate seeing the crowd gathering as parts of the Bard’s home is damaged. The inheritors are taken in to custody but not charged by the old man. Ashborne is told to go home and even though those who are arrested are tasked to be taken to the Sentinels’ headquarters to be processed, Vhalak is able to save them by posing as a Sentinel. He still takes him to the HQ so as not to draw attention and they are “processed.” Vhalak leaves but unfortunately, those who are arrested meet a horrible fate: Slanted Sentinels who don’t like them, take their aggression out on the heroes. Beating them up behind closed doors for no reason and some of their stuff is taken from them: Some gold, Cade’s magic armor, Felicia’s magic ring, and Ardhorn’s wand, which is broken in front of his eyes, claiming that his previous arrest is why this happened to him The heroes stumble home, very hurt, robbed and defeated.

Vhalak finds out what happened and goes back to the HQ to find their stuff and who beat them up. He does his best but is unable to do so though he does narrow the culprits down to: Ted, Brad, Lem, and Marcus (there were 3 of them). He asks one sentinel about finding the items and the sentinel says he’ll take care of it. Vhalak leaves and the party rests for the night.

The next day, while Vhalak is waking up with his morning coffee, he overhears the news from the Quotidian Minstrel over the Evocation visual apparatus (E.V.A. for short, the machine that lets them hear and see from the studio of the Quotidian Minstrel). He almost spills his drink when he hears that Thomas Daran (the same Sentinel that Vhalak posed as last night) was found mysteriously dead this morning in his home due to thieves leaving no evidence of their whereabouts…

Episode 211
You Got Lucky!

The Inheritors proceed to destroy the icon of Gruumsh on the altar to shutdown the portal from the plane of water gushing into the Underdark. Before doing so, the merrow, with it’s dying breath mentions how the man with the goatee and scar on his eye would know that their group would be here to thwart his plans on taking over this part of the Underdark. The group is bewildered and the merrow perishes. Confused, the group begins to go back to the portal to lead them home to their theater. Upon reaching the “surface” where the pool is, the “daylight” begins to change to a purple hue. Felicia recognizes this as the Indigo Forest and that the myconids looked a bit familiar: They were in the Underdark underneath the country of Cush where she was raised.

The group reaches the theater and plans to put a metal gate over the fountain, though most of the maintenance workers don’t agree due to the aesthetics of the theater being hindered. Ashborne escapes to his room, the pitfighters arrive for setup and take over most of the rooms of the inheritors. Cade receives an invitation from Sir Favric Benson to join King Celeborn’s private guard and that tryouts can happen any day of the week if he visits the castle in North Ward.

A knock comes at the door and emblazened on it is Ardhorn and Rhydian’s name. No one can open or enter the front door except those two, which they proceed into it. The front door becomes a portal to another plane: the Feywild. There they find themselves in a long hallway made of leaves and trees. A door stands at the end of the hallway with many chairs along the way, filled with various creatures waiting with a blue leaf in their hands. They approach the desk by the only door in the hallway and a small pixie sits there working at various leaves on her desk. Every once in a while a blue leaf burns up in someone’s hand and they proceed into the main door to see the Unicorn Queen. The pixie, Wendy, explains that the Unicorn will see them and hands them a blue leaf that displays a time for them to see their patron: 54 years! Rhydian says they don’t have time for that and asks for any kind of help. Wendy explains to 08520 and 19050 (their agent number according to how many followers there are of the Unicorn Queen) that Rhydian’s father before his passing was a follower of the Unicorn Queen in a sect of rangers based in Lykovia. He has been given these legacy powers passed from his dad. Now he is to help the Unicorn Queen by guiding Ardhorn in being a better warlock for her. Also, they must confront the King of Frostopolis and explain that the primal spirits there are slowly dying due to the arcane/technological advancements that choke the natural balance of Lykovia. They agree and Wendy teleports them home. They still have their blue leaves.

During this time, some of the other Inheritors travel to “You Got Lucky!” A magic item warehouse of sorts that has constant wizards and other adventurers looking through the vast amount of bins there for magic items. Through the chaos of a large and crowded shop, Vhalak is the only lucky one to get some magic armor; it seems like a dry day when it comes to valuable magic items within the warehouse.

That night, the Inheritors sleep in the old barn house in the backyard of the theater that once held the animals of the circus there many years ago. Finethir refuses to sleep there another night due to the bad dreams he has had in the barn. The group also suffers bad dreams (even Felicia falling asleep herself) and find themselves awake in the barn, yet the barn actually looks fully intact as opposed the dilapidation it was in when they fell asleep. A woman and her baby daughter awake the heroes and plead that they fend off horrible monsters that are about to attack her home. She says her husband and brother-in-law are away and she has no one to help except them. The heroes think they have somehow traveled many years in the past finding the origin story of the barn. The heroes agree and fend off hobgobins, gnolls, worgs, a Remorhaz and a horrible Frost Giant.

Episode 210
The Book and Quill

Back with Razzle Frazz: the children who listen to his stories introduce two brothers who have been coming for a while now but the old storyteller hadn’t noticed until now. Eric and Josh are quiet but eager to hear the continued story of “Razzle Frazz’s Last Will and Testament.”

The Inheritors continue into the dark caverns, fighting Sahuagin to the left and aquatic trolls on the right until they finally come across a large cavern with a portal from the Plane of Water gushing in gallons and gallons of water into the Underdark caverns. An altar across a chasm can be seen so some of the heroes try to magically fly over there but are ambushed by a merrow who seems to have been waiting for them (as survivors of the heroes’ encounters got word him that they were being invaded). A few heroes fall into the water and barely survive. The other heroes take down large cloakers hanging from the ceiling. Finethir gets to the other side but is knocked out in the fight from a dropped piercer. In the midst of battle Ashborne begins to hear his favorite play ever written (“The Dance of the Multitudinous Merry Makers” by Sir Reginald Merriweather Wilfred O’Doyle) read to him in his head. A being of some sort is calling out to him to come towards the altar. He climbs to the top of the other side of the chasm and finds a book and quill not far from the altar. It calls out to him with a familiar voice of a male drow. He takes it, disregarding the almost dead body of Finethir next to him. Once he comes back to his senses he heals the tiefling. The merrow flies to the fallen heroes and takes one last swipe at Ashborne but the quill he also took from the table springs to life. Tendrils sprout as it deflects the merrow’s spear attack. Finethir immolates the merrow where it stands with a wall of fire. The monsters are defeated and the rest of the party is able to get to the altar. Ashborne scrambles to put the quill and book in his bag with Finethir watching (who doesn’t say anything at first since the half-elf saved his life, maybe another time will present itself for him to talk to his half-elf friend).

Episode 209
Just a Couple of "Fun Guys"

The group splits up to try and take the Sahuagin by surprise on all fronts through the two entrances they find. The front entrance group is met with opposition as the water flowing from the cave is too strong for them to go through. They eventually get to the other entrance where the other group is fight a group of Sahuagin who attack without mercy.

The party begins to explore the various caves and fight off more Sahuagin, Darkmantles, and water elementals. The group also finds various treasures in one room and while resting in that room they are confronted by a group of Myconids. Led by Valika, the sovereign of their troops of fungus creatures, the myconids are able to make friends with the Inheritors telling the humanoids that Sahuagin have desecrated their lands and want them off their home turf. The heroes agree to help them and the Myconids say they will protect the eastern border from other Sahuagins coming.

The heroes continue west towards the rushing sound of water. They find themselves next to a large Underdark lake with an island in the middle of it.

Episode 208
Things that go "gurgle" in the night

After an eventful day everyone is fast asleep in the theater. Until Standard Bearer is woken up to a strange noise near the fountain of the theater in the middle of the night. An innocent worker-hand is found dead near the fountain at the hands (er, fins) of a group of sahuagin. More of the Inheritors are up as the dozen or so evil sea monsters attack the group. After almost dying, Finethir is brought back to life by Valin where the mage heard an audible “Rise, my son,” in dwarven (even though he doesn’t speak it). Though confused, the heroes are still able to take down the hunting party (however, one gets away by diving into the fountain and escaping through a pulsing portal inside).

The group rests for the night and before investigating the mysterious magical entrance in their theater that next morning they are interrupted by Dewey Raines and his entourage at the front (and back) door. It seems they found the bodies within the theater somehow and are trying to interview Ashborne for information about who would attack them. Ashborne threatens them with the Sentinels and they leave the premises (of course, not without asking for a later interview with Finethir about his destroyed tower).

All of the Inheritors decide to investigate the portal and jump in the fountain. They discover that the portal ends up in a small lake surrounded by a thick forest in a temperate land. The lake is fed by a river that comes from the mouth of a large cave not far from the portal. After the heroes wait by the cave entrance for a couple of hours a hunting party of Sahaugin come out. Unable to communicate the fishmen attack the group. The monsers are wiped out by the party.

Episode 207
"You think the King and the Wardens run this city?"

The group was able to vanquish the red slaad and who they thought Mehmen was (which was a death slaad in disguise). Searching the remains they only find Mehmen’s cane and political campaign fliers. Also, the two gems they had (the gray and red one) seem to shatter upon the death of the two slaads for some reason. The remaining gems are worthless glass. Sentinels commend them on a job well done and tell them to see Reginald at the main Sentinel headquarters in Haven Ward for their reward. They do so and get their money finding out that Mehmen’s real body was found in the basement of his home. The Inheritors find that whoever is second in command of Mehmen’s party will become Warden if he wins the vote tomorrow.

They return home but an attempted mugging happens. An ice mage and his two brothers attack the group in an alleyway. The brothers are defeated but the heroes take heavy damage from the mage’s spells as he flees the scene. Rydian nickname’s him “Snow Globe” affectionately. The remaining thugs are tied up and Sentinels are called again to arrest them.

It’s early morning and after a few cups of coffee back at the theater the group has a few guests. One is an errand boy giving a letter to Valin; he reads it to himself finding out the worst has happened: His final shop in Phandelver will be closed for good by the end of the month unless he pays his backlogged rent of 10,000 GP to the mayor their, Syldar Hallwinter. Valin is worried since the Mines of Phandelver dried up not long ago.

Another unwanted guest appears in the kitchen near the backdoor to the alleyway, a familiar old beggar who frequents the back of the theater alleyways. He demands food from the kitchen staff while throwing food at them. Ardhorn is able to defuse the situation by giving him lettuce and escorting him to the backdoor and to the street. The old man isn’t thankful, but just mutters weird statements like, “I can’t dream anymore” and “boys who have turned into dragons.”

Dr. Important arrives before voting begins throughout the city. He finds out everything from the group and is able to reward them what little he has. He’s nervous because he just realizes that he is second in command and will become Warden if the vote goes to Mehmen. The group tries to encourage him but he doesn’t sound convinced and goes back to the political headquarters.

The group goes to vote and try to find out about the other candidates. Natfee Fenhorn is a common woman in the Haven Ward but seems to be a person without power and not a favor of the city crowd. The other is Bryn McGill who was being interrogated that morning by Reginald for the murder of Mehmen. Ardhorn tries to interrupt the interrogation that day when they visit the Sentinel’s headquarters but is beaten and thrown in prison for the rest of the day for interfering with Sentinel official business. The rest of the group goes back to the theater.

While everyone is resting (including Vhalak who came in during the day after his own mysterious adventures) Valin visits the local bank to try and get a loan for his business in Cush. They aren’t able to help him since it’s for a business outside of their own country but says they can help him with his current business at the theater. Erik, the bank manager, takes a look at Valin’s contract for the theater and finds two things important that is explained to Valin only:

1. The inheritors are not able to sell their stake in the theater until after Razzle Frazz’s death.

2. The 7 inheritors own 14% each of the theater but one of them has an extra 2% making them majority owner of the theater. This would give that person majority on any voting issues. Though that person is unknown to Valin as it’s info. that only Razzle Frazz can share legally.

Episode 206
Identity Crisis

That afternoon they went to try and find Mehmen Khalid on behalf of Dr. Important. They find a crime scene at the missing politician’s warehouse in the East Ward. Workers were mysteriously killed last night. Not wanting to deal with the Inheritors or this cold case he has been given, Sir Reginald Alvar issues the heroes to figure this out for him for a small reward of 500 GP total. He leaves and the heroes find that a conjuration spell is what killed the workers (they suffocated). After searching the warehouse (and breaking parts of it in the process) the investigators try and find Bryn McGill as he was seen by a witness last night near where the bodies were found.

Bryn is also a politician running for Warden against Mehmen so they search his political campaign headquarters (in the Haven Ward) for clues. Valin and Cade decide to break in to try and find something out and find a bag with a note in it. The note was on behalf of the Whispering Wind as it seems they gave him a gift. On a side note, Cade doesn’t seem to be feeling well throughout the night.

The group heads to Mehmen’s home (in the East Ward) and after encountering some nasty “home security” magical traps in the high-society neighborhood they arrive at his large home. Mehmen’s servant says he hasn’t seen his master since this afternoon when he came in and went straight to his bedroom with a guest, Santoryn Graybuck, a famous mage in the East Ward. The servant won’t listen to the heroes about accessing his master’s room but Finethir and Ardhorn decide to sneak up into the second story open window to find that Graybuck is dead inside Mehmen’s room and Mehmen is missing. Finethir takes the mage’s staff and the gray gem found at his feet and proceeds down the stairs leaving the servant in a hysterical mess. Valin is able to calm him down once inside and the Sentinels come to help upon hearing the distress call. Valin is able to get real info. from the servant, finally: Mehmen still had not gone to the Haven Ward’s large market to campaign, he could be there.

Night descends and the snow begins to fall heavy. Hours have passed as the group looks for Mehmen throughout the now vacant market. Finally, they see him but something seems amiss. He immediately attacks the group with a spell and begins battling them. The battle turns to the heroes’ favor until a reddish, large frog-like creature comes dropping from the top of a building striking Finethir to the ground. Uh oh…


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