Tag: Gnome


  • Calvin Notesy

    Calvin owns "Calvin's Collectorium" in Haran, a warehouse where if you give him a family name, he can tell you their last known whereabouts on the continent of Ay-Belh (for a price, of course).

  • Syldar Hallwinter

    Syldar Hallwinter is a kindhearted rock gnome male of nearly 70 years who holds a place of honor in the famous cavalry of the great city of [[Kartan | Kartan]]. He is an agent of the [[The Baron's Coalition | The Baron's Coalition]]. Syldar met [[: …

  • Dr. Important

    The inheritors met this gnome scientist with Razzle Frazz as he explained the will to them. He is a friend of Razzle Frazz and sounds to be important to the politicians of Frostopolis. He has been getting notoriety to be a protector of the Warforged who …